after life

I have aproof that soul exists after death . we call them through planchette. But islam says that people rembers past lives through jinns .Ans when we do planchette the jinns know everything about the dead person and us. They talk i the samevvoice and they fool us.How to remove this misconception?

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  • Jaya prabhu,

    The Material ocean in which trillions upon trillions of souls are transmigrating is so mind-boggolingly vast, that it would be beyond belief to me that anyone could channel, or pick-out a soul from the whole mess.

    This is just a philosophy for people desperate to see miracles, so that they may base their faith on that evidence.

    All evidence is in the Scripture.

    "Blessed are they that have seen Me and believed...

                                                    more Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet Believe." - Jesus

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