After Krishna come parents...

Hare Krishna all,



 I already had discussion on "Surrendering". I still dont understand why people go against

the will of parents based on philosophy and instructions of guru. I am bold enough to say

that Guru comes after parents. I know nobody in this world is our well wisher except

"Krishna" not even parents, but still parents are the most well wishers in this world after

krishna. I have seen people who go against the desire of their parents and marry someone

who is suggested by the Guru. We should speak our heart and not with fear of something.


I dont understand why people dont accept things practically. Many are trying to become pure devotees of the lord without developing basic qualities like Humanity, Humility, Love, Compassion and Sacrifice. I am not offending everyone and I am not scared of blasphiming. I have seen people bargaining with riskha pullers and old fruit sellers for few rupees and treating them like insignificant people. After reading few books and gaining some knowledge people start to feel that they are enlightened compared to others. I personally dont like discriminating attitude and fanatism. I learned many things from both devotees and non-devotees and came to conclusion that

there are only two category of humans good and bad but not devotees and non-devotees. Being with good people will automatically nourish our spiritual advancement. Request to the administrator please dont take out my discussions from the list. Please dont consider me as arrogant fool. May god bless us with knowledge and love.


Your servant




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  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

    All Glories to Srila Prabhupada,

                                 Your point is valid that To whom we should give first priority " Guru or Parents"?  Of Course Krishna Comes first. Then let me give you some clues : 

    1) You Say Krishna comes First right? Then How will you know what Krishna wants from you ?  He narrated whole Gita to guide you in living this life. But how will you even grasp all teachings given in "BG as it is" without Guru? Guru is the one who guides you to live your life in Krishna Consciousness. 

    2) Now what is Krishna Consciousness.  To serve Krishna, to love Krishna in devotion. Now in this world you can not directly serve Krishna. But you can serve his devotees (pure, Not so called devotees) who are trying to spread lord Krishna or Lord Chaitanya's Messages. One who became fully Krishna Conscious sees every living beings as Soul and never tries to hurt(Intentionally) anybody.

    3) Now about Parents :  There is no doubt in giving same respects to Parents as given to Guru. But let me tell you one real fact about Parents : Parents are the ones who always care about their Children first. To care only selected people is Selfishness. They don't even know that they are being selfish by Only making decisions in favor of their Children, but they do that often.

    For example, If someone's Child is hungry and crying in front of him,  at the same time if another person(who is less known to that Someone) is come to him in expectation of food, to whom will he give first priority?   Of course Child. In case if he had limited food available he will only satisfies his child rather then sharing it to both.

    3)  Guru is the one who will teach you how act equally to every living Beings, Not Parents. (Yes there are some good parents available who can teach their child in this way. But in Kaliyuga, You hardly can expect this!!). But for that you need to find qualified Guru!! (Which is a real challenge)

    That's why our Scripture says: 

      Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurudevo Maheswaraha. Guru saakshaat Parahbrahma. Tasmai Sri Gurave namaha.

    Pardon me if there is any kind of Inconvenience.

  • Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurudevo Maheswaraha. Guru saakshaat Parahbrahma. Tasmai Sri Gurave namaha.

    Guru is above parents and treated equal to God. Because parents can bring you into this world of misery. But Guru alone can show you the way out. Without whom, you cannot reach your ultimate goal, which is the communion with God. Without whom you cannot recognize God even if you see Him. So, its obvious that we should accept what our Guru says. That is the dharma of a disciple.

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