Hare Krishna! Please accept my humble obesciences! I was thinking the other day, I have so many addictions such as sports (1 example) these addictions keep me entangled in the material world, How can one get free from these addiction, and increase krishna seva?
I hope my question is clear!
Hare Krishna

Your Servant



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    Bhagavata sravanam. Listen to Bhagavatam and all the diseases will fall off.

    Amal bhakta prbabu has a recording of Bhagavatam on youtube uploaded by bhaktasingh.

    At the end of the 300 20minute listenings, you will be a different person.

    Also, listen to "bhagavatam in hindi part 1" (uploaded by bhaktasingh on youtube) first. This devotee, disciple of Prabhupada talks of the glories of listening to Bhagavatam. One needs to have faith in the listening... only then you will get full benefit.

  • Thank you prabhu ji, but I do not feel qualified to preach! I am still very entangled in maya! but with your blessings I will get to the preaching stage one day :) Haribol

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    I'm quite a bit addicted to things and an interesting thing I have been doing is just singing the maha mantra while driving or on the computer or just plain walking. Somehow or other I end up singing Krishnas name and that's an excellent way to start.

    Another nice thing I am doing is I am learning the Sri sikshastakam (there is an excellent video of Dravida Prabhu singing it AND a catchy poetic translation too. So now sometimes I sing Hare Krishna or other times I'm just saying the Sanskrit and Dravida Prabhu's English poem which helps me keep in mind my true goal.

    Sooner or later it becomes a habit.. A good habit ;)
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      I highly recommend this
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      Like Maral Mataji said you will get benefit. I take for example the hare krishna mahamantra, we usually go on Hari Nama Sankirtana just so others can get little benefit from hearing krishna's beautiful names. They may not understand who krishna is but nonetheless krishna shows his mercy. But this case differs slightly from yours. You are already a devotee, and so you must show some dedication to learning the translation. You're getting the benefit nonetheless, and however you can get further benefits but understanding what you're saying.

      Since I'm on the phone it's not easy to give you the link, you will post later. I started this last week and I'm already getting a rough idea of the meaning (Dravida Prabhu's poetic translations are just so catchy)
      • Thank you I will start reading the translation alongside the prayers, hopefully in time i shall remember the meaning :) Gauranga!

    • I like the idea of replacing a habit with another habit, also do we still get benifit of chanting say the sikshastakam in sanskrit even though you dont know word to word meaning? I dont know if i asked that question correctly!

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        for sure it is needed to know the meaning of what we pray for, isn't it?!

        Of course Sanskrit verses are themselves are very powerful but for better result we need to know what we are saying and asking for. 

        Vandanam - offering prayers is one the very power full ways of service. We open our heart to Krishna and beg Him sincerely. And when we do it really sincerely Krishna answers. 

        For this method of service keeping  a dairy may help. In dairy we open our heart to Krishna. Whatever weaknesses we have we have to tell it to Him and request Him to make us strong and keep us under His shelter. 

        And even while playing some other things like doing sports we have to train our mind to chant the Holy Names. To do sports is some type of austerity i do not know if it is an addiction he he :)

        But about eating particular food i can understand that there is addiction. But sports ...

        Anyways, i like to make particular timetable and live according to that. There are things which i have to do everyday so those things include sport also, food also, reading, other service duties...

        Your servant, 

        • Hare Krishna! Thank you :) and I meant watching sports as a addiction not playing, i recently read a lecture by HH Sivarama Swami that watching TV is against 4 regulative principles, That is why I asked. Thank you I shall start reading the prayers alongside my chanting :) Gauranga! :)

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