Hare Krishna! Please accept my humble obesciences! I was thinking the other day, I have so many addictions such as sports (1 example) these addictions keep me entangled in the material world, How can one get free from these addiction, and increase krishna seva?
I hope my question is clear!
Hare Krishna

Your Servant



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  • Thank you prabhu ji! Hare Krishna!

  • Volunteer

    another suggestion is to associate Krishna with everything. Try to think of Krishna while doing these addictions and try to somehow change these addictions into loving service of Krishna. Watching sports games is a difficult one, but if you love going on the computer and watching movies, you could try to change that into watching bhajans and kirtans. But as Rahul Prabhu said, increase your devotional service and slowly material things will fade out. 

    • Thank you prabhu ji! hare krishna

      • Volunteer

        please try to chant on Tulasi beads and at least on Sundays give Yourself fully to the service of Devotees and to Krishna. And gradually our spiritual desires will not leave free space for our material desires. So it is the only way - to replace one lower thing with other - higher.

        It is called as Bhakti Yoga.

        Your servant, 

        • Thank you for the advice mata ji! Dandavats!

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