Hare Krishna.....Pranam to everyone...Wishing everyone a happy and blessed Damodar month...

We all have somehow or other heard the story of Adam, the first human (according to Islam and Christianity), and Eve appeared from his rib bones....and they had an apple and they lost their innocence or something like that.....

But is there such a story in any of the upanishads or puranas about the creation of the first man? As long as I know, the first living entity in every universe is Brahma and he created Manu....the first human....I am curious to know whether is this mentioned in the sastras....


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  • The story of Adam and Eve is a story with multiple meanings. Not literal. One level of understanding is Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil(duality). The garden of eden in the state of unity contains no Good or evil. No opposites. By the disobeying of gods law and partaking of the fruit Adam and Eve then understood evil. Its the comparison created. Once they new what evil was they then understood good. It was actually necessary, for without dualism there is absolutely no experience. Then those who are still in duality are still partaking of the initial fruit. Adam is also known in a deeper respect as Adam Kadmon. Adam Kadmon was the first "spiritual" archetype of man, its light was so intense that it shattered fragmenting its light into many lights, the lights that exist in all of us. This can be seen as the holy spirit if you like. You can also equate Adam Kadmon as the equivalent of what the gita calls the "super soul" For Adam is in all and all in he and made in the image. All is one and all paths are as one.

    • Thanks a lot for your answer prabhujis....JAI JAGANNATH!

  • Hare Krishna!

    In Bhavisya purana that story of Adam and Eve is described. There Satan is described as personified Kali.

    Yes Brahma is the first created jiva in this universe as described in S.B. and Brahma samhita. Adam may be the father of some human race.

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