Access to Lord Sri Jagannath temple in Puri

No one has right to deny some one entry to Lord Sri Jagannath (Master of the Universe) temple at Puri which is considered as the holiest of holy by the devotees all around the world. Religion ,caste or color nor nationality can be a reason to deny some one to enter . Lord Jagannath is Patitapaban (emancipator of the sinner). Code of conduct should be absolutely followed inside the temple and any one not following the code must be asked to leave the shrine on individual basis. This will help every one to understand the great Jagannath culture which is extremely valuable and relevant for modern times.

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  • I read your message on Puri Jagannath in which u described about how Swami Ramanuja was thrown away to Kurma Kshetra.

    Prabhu let me tell you a thing that you or me or anyone cannot have even an iota of bhakti that Swamy Ramanuja had for the supreme lord. When u talk pr write about him please do so with respect.

    Swami Ramanuja wanted to change certain vidhis in the temple as he was entrusted this job by Lord Ranganath. But jagannath forbade him from doing so as He was happy with the current vidhi. And he did NOT throw him back to Kurma Kshetra or punched by the Lord as written by some other devotee. He was flown back to Kurma Kshetra by Garuda Dev on thr instruction of the Lord.

    Swamy Ramanuja is none other than the expansion of Lord Lakshman and Lord Baladev. And he is loved by the Lord a lot. Swamy Ramanuja is a divine personality. We have no right to talk about him in a disgraceful manner that he was thrown or punched by Lord Jagannath.

    Hare Krishna
  • Volunteer
    Hare Krishna Manmath pr

    There are soo many things that happen in Puri and we may feel bad about it. When I visited few months ago for the first time, I saw how the pandas were after money only for doing all service, there was a board outside the temple that only Hindus were allowed inside and many more things like this. When I was talking about this to some of the senior devotees, one very important thing that I learned was that when Lord Jagannath himself is allowing those devotees to do what they are doing, who are we to comment on that? If Lord wishes to punish these pandas he could have easily done that. But he has not. WHY???

    Jagannath is very personal. He sees the love and devotion the devotee is having for him. There is a past time during the time of Ramanujacharya. Ramanujacharya was a great spritual master in Sree sampradhya and is very well known to set the highest deity worship standards. When he visited puri temple, he saw that the pandas were offering the starched cloth to Lord which is considered contaminated otherwise. So he decided to stayed there for few days to teach them the deity worship standards. One night when Ramanujacharya was sleeping, he got a dream in which 2 giant personalities appeared, one was dark and the other one was white. They said to Ramanujacharya "When I dont have any problem with what these devotees are doing to me, then what is your problem???" and gave a punch on the mouth of Ramanujacharya... Hare Krishna. Next day morning when Ramanujacharya opened his eyes, he was in a temple in south india...!!!

    The very reason why only Hindus are allowed inside the temple is to maintain the sanity of the temple premise. Scriptures condemn eating of meat. A malaychha would eat the meat of hog and cow which is not at all allowed by scriptures. By the mercy of Srila Prabhupad, today a westerner has given up meat eating and become devotee. For a vishnava, there is no difference in any living entity. But this discrimination is there and will be there. However, the rath yatra is meant for the benifit of such people who either can not enter temple or are no allowed to enter.

    Jagannath is soo merciful that today by the mercy of Srila Prabhupaada, we have soo many Jagannath mandir all over the world by ISKCON. Who are not allowed in puri can visit this temple.

    Lastly, I would like to quote one point from the lectures of my beloved spritual master HH Radhanath Swamy maharaj. He says, "Do not try to see the Lord. Render the service in such a way that Lord wants to see you". That should be our aim. I may go to temple, but if I am thinking of my office or home, there is of no use of being in temple.

    Lord has different arrangements for every one to practice spirituality. Only problem is we do not follow his instructions.

    Please forgive me if I have hurt any one.

    Hari bol!!!
  • Volunteer
    Hare Krishna Manmath Kumar Nayak Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
    thank You for being so kind to the people who took birth in non Hindu families!
    but Devotees know that Lord is in the heart of everyone, and they will pray to Him rather than solving problem with others what is justice and what is not.
    If they are, some day, permitted to enter they will be very happy, and grateful but if it does not happen even thou they won't worry much. but accept what Lord wants. As Lord Chaitania thought: You can embrace me or break my heart, do whatever You like i am surrendered soul unto You.
    Your servant,
  • jai shri krishna..

    Don't be angered regarding this situation..

    A "Hindu" allowed to have darshan of Shri Jagannath in that temple is not guaranteed for him to be in Goloka.. it depends on their spirituality. A none-Hindu not allowed to enter that temple but is a spiritual entity is allowed in Goloka.

  • When a devotee is not permitted to have darshan of the deity that is not just. We do not become Hindu by birth alone nor we become Brahmin by birth alone. When an Iskcon's true devotee or any other true devotee irrespective of color or religion or nationality is not allowed even entry there is something not right. There is a lot of space for improvement by the institution.This is to help sincere devotees to have the same privilege as others have. I guess this is a sincere dream of all devotees . As a matter of fact this was my dream after I did not find sincere and true devotees of Iskcon n getting this privilege. This was a pouring of my heart for other devotees even though personally as a born Hindu I had no problem for entry. This is a question regarding management and that has been so much debated even recently.The devotees of the Lord should have say on the matter irrespective of any other consideration.Please do not confuse a management issue with true devotion to Lord Sri Jagannath who is not only omniscient,omnipresent,omnipotent and truly loving where a sincere devotee has a chance and hope to resurrect oneself no matter whatever is the situation.
  • Volunteer
    Hare Krishna Manmath Kumar Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
    Gurudev of Srila Prabhupada HH Bhakti Sidhanta Saraswati Thakur says that we should not try to see Krishna but serve to to Him in such a way that He wants us to see.
    It was our own desire to take birth in the body of yavanas and mlechhas, from the beginning of childhood most of us ate mother's meat (cow meat), our body is made of sin, it says that only for one killed cow one should suffer in the hell as many years as there are hairs in her body. but how many cows we killed? You may say that one does not kill, but there are 6 more people who equally share the exact sin. now can you imagine how many years we have suffer in the hell???
    But by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada we got this chance to associate with Lord Jaganath chanting the Holy Names.
    Oh, please, as if those people are very eager to take Lord's darshan!!! Lord is not some kind of Doll, and in order to see Him as He is we have to be very very pure. It is not like i see the Deity form, offer some ruppis, ask something for my self and go out the Temple, and continue my previous life style.
    custom??? Krishna says abandon all varieties of philosophy, religion, thoughts, ideas...just surrender to Me.
    Lord Gouranga says that in this age of Kali there is no other way then chanting the Holy Names of Lord. No other way!!!
    We can see Deity but we are soooooo polluted that we can not see real God in the Deity Form. Only by chanting we can purify ourselves and then only talk about justice about seeing Lord Jaganath.
    Your servant,
  • Volunteer
    Manmath Kumar Nayak Prabhu, please accept my obeisances and forgiveness if I offend you.

    This business of Krishna Consciousness is not easy... yes it is simple... no easy.
    It is like a worm crossing a razor thin blade. One wrong move and we will bleed !!
    It is very easy to criticize devotees or commit any of these 10 offenses. I wasted 5 years of my life stuck on criticizing devotees. By the mercy of devotee's blessings I have overcome this problem.
    When we commit any of the 10 offenses, we will stunt our growth in devotion to Krishna. It is like throwing the anchor and running the rudder on full speed and you go nowhere. I see that you are a very nice devotee like several on this site. Dont throw it away by giving into temptation to commit any of the following Namaparada. Again, sorry if I offended you. Haribol

    1) Blasphemy of the devotees of the Lord.

    2) To consider demigods to be independent of the Supreme Lord, and to similarly think Lord Krsna's name, form, qualities and pastimes are separate from Him.

    3) To disobey the spiritual master who reveals the truth about the holy name.

    4) To criticize the scriptures that describe the glories of the holy name.

    5) To think the excellences and divine qualities of the holy name are imaginary, and to so interpret the scriptural glorification of the holy name.

    6) To commit sinful activities on the strength of the holy name.

    7) To instruct the faithless on the glories of the holy name.

    8) To equate chanting of the holy name with auspicious ritualistic activities recommended in the karmakanda sections of the Vedas.

    9) To be inattentive while chanting the holy name.

    10) To not develop love for the holy name after learning the name's glories because of maintaining attachments to the body and things related to the body.

    Ps. More details... search Harinama Cintamani pdf
  • You have misinterpreted and misjudged many things. Let us not confuse almighty Sri Jagannath, saints with some practices which are tangibly discriminatory.My point is exactly no one can be that pure to deny a person entrance into the temple on the basis of caste or color.Let us not say every social injustice as will of the Lord.Otherwise people belonging to scheduled caste even though Hindus could not have Lord's darshan.How many sick,very old or weak can have Lord"s darshan during Ratha Yatra? As far as the Supreme coming to a devotee is absolutely His mercy. Here we are talking about some social customs that prevail only due to ignorance,injustice of the people.
  • Well written maral. i really like what you have written and agree with it totally.
  • Volunteer
    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
    Sometimes these disqualifications and discriminations make us humbler. and the qualification for seeing Lord in the reality is to be humble. If we become humble Lord Jaganath Himself will come to see us and accept our offerings.
    As like one mataji who lived not far from Puri. Her daily Sadhana was to wake up at 3 and even not taking bath to cook kichri while brushing her teeth. And offer it to Lord Jaganath.
    And Temple Pujaris become to know that every morning at 3 - 4 AM Lord Jaganatha leaves the Temple somewhere.
    When one sadhu heard that this lady is offering kichri which was cooked in not clean condition he told her to wake up early in the morning first take bath, do that do this...then only cook. She started to do so. And kichri was prepared very late.
    Then Lord Jaganath somehow told to priests that He wants kichri from that lady. Since that time Devotees always offer to Lord kichri in the early morning.
    Lord Jaganath is not different from Lord Gouranga, and Lord Gouranga - Jaganath is not different from the Holy Names.
    As Shravan Prabhu told, if Lord Gouranga wanted us to be allowed there He could somehow influence to that, but He did not do that. So lets be humble and follow in the footsteps of Haridas Thakur!
    Your servant,
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