Abut soul

Lord says ' soul never Die'. We all know dis bt still when anyone die we cry for their body dat would be no longer wid us... Basically we are in attchment wid dat body.. Dat mom which gives us birth or dad dat would often being wid us...all tym or our familyy....but my question is in living in this material world wid dese material relations...how would one able to leave behind all dis or how one able to come out of d influence of MAYA ?????????

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  • Right...but when i think of my dear ones my heart goes low...when i think how i will remain widout them i know krishna is wid me nd whenevr i m alone he will be dere for me but stilll...as in free tym i still used to think abut my dear ones nd dat thinking makes me feel so low... I dont want to thinkk..but my mind is totally gets opposite at dat tym or i can say Maya infills my mind wid these thoughts
    • And u know what when i m just typing my feelings or telling u all dis....abut Govind...i feel.....more attraction towards my lord nd love to do dat......
    • I used to be do lyk dat @ krishnadasi..nd really it gives me pleasure.. I cant tell u how much ecstasy i feel when i cry behind lord...when i luk in his eyes dat forces me to stare constantly widout blinking.....nd thnk u Rashmi..for reminding me abut cycl e of brth nd death ..really i need dis...may be i m just very touched wid my parents sacrifices nd their love but u remind me dat...i have many brths before nd there would be many relations too...All i want to thank u guysss.... It helped me a lottttttt......:D
    • Hare Krishna, 

      You are right - its Mayadevi stopping you to focus on Krishna - as if that time you will be able to make Krishna the focal point in your mind - your pain will subside, you will gain support and Krishna will be your anchor. In the following post Rashmi ji has written in the most perfect way the truth. Its a truth - visualise the first para of her post properly. It will help you.

      And you know, sometimes, the Lord tests us - by either giving too much happiness and too much misery and sees if we are able to keep Him in the centre of our minds.

      At one place you wrote - I dont want to thinkk..but my mind is totally gets opposite - I will give you one practical solution which works instantly - in those times "see the Lord" i mean either take a picture of His, or go and sit before the altar of any temple or your home, and look at the Lord - look at his features, eyes, smile, etc  THIS WILL HELP YOU - it might sound funny to hear but it works always.

    • E-Counselor

      Hare Krsna dear Mataji,


      Pls try to think - so many births, so many parents, so many sisters, brothers, friends and other relatives. Do you remember any of them from your previous births now? No na. That same way, you will not remember any of these dear relatives the moment you leave this body.

      WHat you need to lament is - how many births I have wasted behind these so called relatives and attachment to them. Oh Krsna, when will my mind tell me that I should surrender to Your lotus feet and accept that You and only You have been my only true relative, friend, confidant in all these births by being with me in Paramatma form. Oh, when will my heart turn towards You?

      Why think of family and lament mataji - thank Krsna for giving you a family you can love. Think if this family can give you so much love, how much more love you will get when you accept the lord and His family of devotees and servants of devotees.


      Your servant,


  • Hare Krishna to all devotees...Mataji how our weakness n failure in work can be surrendered to lord
    • Hare Krishna

      We are giving our efforts to do a work... we may not be efficient enough but we are trying to do with the remembrance of the Lord. Now the Lord will decide the time at which we will attain perfection and also the amount of expertise that we will achieve. till then we have to bow to the will and decision of the Lord - remember not a leaf moves without the will of the Lord. if we have got failure today inspite of our efforts and remembrance of the Lord - we have to accept the will of the Lord... and we have to trust that what ever is happening is happening for our good - may be the Lord has planned something  better for us which we are not wise enough to understand.

      so have faith and bow before the will of the Lord!

  • Hare Krishna,

    Only the Lord can help us get out of the clutches of Maya. The remembrance of the Lord is capable to help us at times when Mayadevi tries to illude us. So we should practice the remembrance of the Lord all the time. 

    When we are able to surrender everything we have to the lotus feet of the Lord, He gives you shelter. by everything, I mean not only our family, property, health, fame, credits and failures from a work..... but also our weaknesses, strengths, anger, lust, grief. Give up everything and the Lord will hold you. 

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