• Hare Krsna,

    'According to Geeta, everything we see in the universe is absolute.'

    Please provide reference for this.

    I think prabhu, material nature works by the three gunas - sattva, rajas and tamas. As such, everything is the universe is Relative since gunas are by very nature makes things relative . Except ofcourse, those that are beyond the gunas - such as the Supreme Lord,the Jiva , the process of Bhakti - these are absolute. This is why we need to transcend the relativity and as such we do not find permanent happiness here - since we are absolute by nature , we cannot be happy in relative things. Material situations and propositions are , although emanating from the supreme Lord , dual and relative.

    Chant Hare Krsna and be happy!

    Hari Bol!
    Your servant.
  • Prabhu,

    What exactly comes in to your mind when you say "Absolute" ?  You mean to say, it is perfect with no miseries?



    • Of course not, I know its miserable.I was just wondering about human fulfilment. It is a dangerous place where we don't know what happens to us tomorrow. It means our Krshna-Consiousness may be disturbed by this danger at anytime in short or long run.       

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        Please believe me Prabhuji, this nature will make us to suffer as much as it is needed us to understand and lose hope for happiness in it.

        But sufferings will be given according to the capacity which we can overcome.

        If we really take shelter of Krishna then even if external sufferings will be there we will be in bliss by simple with that feeling of SURRENDER.

        Just recently, one senior Devotee in Holy Dham was arrested by mistake for 51 days. He was in jail along with many criminals and it is because he wanted to protect other Devotees from a cruel pedophile as a result police thought it was he who did cruelty on other girls.

        So externally he suffered too much, with no food, in the hellish jail, with the worst people...but by taking shelter of the Lord he was in bliss and grateful.

        Indeed he says that he used that moment to preach in the prison. And when he was coming out he donated his Bhagavad Gita to the library of the prison.

        So You see Prabhuji, sufferings will be there. Especially Krishna uses his best Devotees by giving them tuft exams and show their example of surrender.

        Your servant,

        • Thank u for commenting.However, It's such a horrible place where we r unaware of our future. I wish I could view it. After all, it's a general curiosity. What u think? 

    • Just remember, nature, which is part of the Absolute, is dual. It expresses itself as Happiness and Distress, True and False, Good and Bad, Perfection and Imperfection etc..

      So, the absolute comprises everything. When you accept one, you have to accept another.



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