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    Hare Krsna Sugandha mataji,


    There is no shame in being dog of God. It is used as a synonym to explain that we are not belagaam ghoda (unregulated souls) anymore, we have a maalik (someone above us who regulates us).

    Suppose you see a street dog on the road, or you see a dog witha  collar on the road, but you cannot see the owner of the dog. Still, because of the collar, you know taht the dog has an owner. Its like that, when anyone sees the kanthi mala, they know that we are committed people and follow certain regulations.

    I know of people respecting strangers because of the kanthi mala. They say by wearing the tulsi beads on your neck, you command respect from us.

    Devotees do not mind being a blade of grass or a speck of dust, if it fulfills God's desire. To be God's dog would be an honour for any devotee.

    I hope I have answered your question and have not hurt your sentiments. Pls forgive me if I have.

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    my humble obeisances Prabhu, 

    As i was told not initiated ones wear two rounds of Tulasi Kanthi Mala. First initiated ones wear 3 lines. Brahmana initiated ones wear 4. 

    It is like saying I am a dog of the Lord. So that is our chain. :) 

    Tulasi Mala being in our body protects us from all inauspicious living beings.

    And says to Yamaraja's people that this is Vishnu Bhakta - keep away from him.

    Your servant,  

    • hare krishna, mataji 

      thank u..for the answer..

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