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Hore Krisna.
Joy Srila Probhupada.
Joy srila Gurudev.
Dondobot Pronam to all.
I've read many characteristics of a spirit soul in various scriptures.But still Ican't realise the soul properly.I am trying hard but I can't understand the spirit soul as it is.
Do the soul itself work?
Has it any desire?
Has it any happyness or unhappyness?
Is it punishable?
Does the soul know everything?
Does it operate the material body?
Has it any necessity of any food or sleep?

Ihave immences of queries about it.So i would request you most humbly to please enlighten me in detail about the every properties of a spirit soul.
Hori Bol.

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Hore Krisna !

Joy Srila Probhupada !

Joy srila Gurudev !
& Dondobot pronom to you !

As per our Gaudiya Vaishnava philosophy, soul has a divine form like that of Krishna. It's nature is blissful and qualitatively one with Krishna. It does not feel the material pleasure and pain as it is separate from this body. Only the material body feels the material pleasure and pain. It controls this body. It is omniscient. It does not require food or sleep. Only the material body requires food and sleep. If a soul which resides in this body commits any sin due to Maya's powerful influence, it is punishable in the Yamaloka, where it gets a  separate body made of vayu. This body feels the pain but the soul, which is blissful, does not feel pain. We feel material pleasure and pain because we think that we are this body. One who thinks himself as soul, always remains blissful despite of material pleasure and pain. This is Brahmabhutaha state. 

I hope this may solve your queries.

Hori Bol !


Soul has desire and that is to make Krishna and His Devotees happy.

Soul is happy because it is out of that bliss. There is no any suffering for a soul.

Soul knows everything because it is out of knowledge sad - cid - ananda

Soul can be punished in many Krishna lilas why not? As like Mother Yashoda punishes her Gopal, sometimes Gopal also punishes His Devotees. So there is no fear of such punishments these are parts of lila.

oh yes, soul needs food and water and that is in this age is Hare Krishna Maha Mantra.

That is the food and water for a soul. So every day we must drink and eat Harinaam.


Otherwise soul will go to sleep for many many life times again being very weak.

And also soul needs Prasadam food offered to Krishna. So we eat and drink Prasadam everyday. So we - souls need them.

Do the soul itself work?

soul is only working nothing else. This material body without soul is a bulk of flesh, fat, bones...nothing more. Only soul moves it. Or many souls move it. 

But it looks like we wear red colored eye classes and see world red but in the reality today it might be sunny and yellowish color...

So soul is covered with false ego and thinks himself as these senses and this body. 
So we have to have our own true ego - which says i am a soul. 

And that realization will come by the mercy of Krishna if we chant sincerely our rounds regularly.

Your servant, 


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