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    thanq prabuji ,for ur awesome reply.PAMHO.
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      Hari Hari...

      All Glories to Srila Prabhupaada.

      It is only words that are spoken by my beloved spritual master HH Radhanath Maharaj and Srila Prabhupada which I have put here. I have no qualification to utter a single word in these subject on my own.


      Hari bol!!


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        this was an enlightening answer.thank you
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    Hare Krishna,


    It is not just you but every one of us are having this desease. This is the result of indulging in sense gratification for soooo many lifetimes before this and also in this lifetime before we came in touch of devotees. There is a nice analogy for this which i had heard some time back. Say we are going at 120 KMPH speed and we see a cat crossing the road and apply the brake. The car does not stop at that instant. It would move for a few meters ahead and then come to halt. In the same way, we have been into soo many bodies before and have enjoyed our senses to its fulest extent and were made to believe that we are the bodies.


    This is like jaundice. When we have jaundice the swetest sugarcane juice appears to be bitter. But the medicen for jaundice is to drink sugarcane juice and when we are able to taste the sweetness of it is the indication of cure from jaundice. Similarly, the only medicen for this mistaken identity is to chant and hear glories of Krishna and associate with people who are doing the same that is devotees.

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