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in my mind always i think y god made the universe and y he made the earth ,we were happy first in his vaikunth place .first lord send us to this earth where always sadness lies, here whatever we do we make a mistake and lord counts in bad karma and gives us punishment accordingly, this way a person goes inside this bad chakra of birth and death . many say god has send us to do bhakti and to take us back to his place, but first of all we were with him only , so y did he send us here ,i want answer other than bhakti purpose

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  • "Who am I, Who is God,What am I,
    What is Nature, & what is my eternal position in nature and with God" These are the basic questions or cureaussatys that the eternal Souls seek to answer by entering into this marginal existence" As I've been told. Further we /our egos, sometimes get puffed up and or otherwise mundane angry jealous etc. I.e. Who & what We God & nature are?
  • Hare Krishna
    Please accept my humble respects

    Being parts and parcels of Krishna, we are the same in quality but not quantity, like the relationship between a drop of seawater and the ocean. So we have similar desires as the Lord, such as the desires to create, destroy, and be independent. And the Lord lets us pretend to be able to do these things and play out our desires, even though he knows they won't make us happy, because he has given us that free choice. As infinitely existing spiritual beings we are unaffected by the material world though we are illusioned into thinking we are. We exist as eternal servants of God and will eventually return to Him one way or another, because He is so merciful and full of love.

    The beauty of Krishna is extremely appealing, but to fallen souls, the energy of mahamaya is also very appealing. It tricks our minds, making us think we can be happy without God. We must cultivate our desire for what makes us truly happy, which is association with our loving and wonderful God.

    Jai Krishna

    Please forgive me if I have spoken incorrectly
  • Hare Krsna
    All glories to Srila Prabhupad

    Please read this magazine. It's explained in detail.


    As its said that before we came to this material world we were situated in marginal energy of Krsna, that is in the border of material world and spiritual world.

    The souls who were there were some of them attracted to material world and it's illusory energy and some to the spiritual world . We are those fallen souls who wanted to come here and enjoy separately from Krsna.

    Krsna being God gives everyone independence to decide what they want? So we chose to stay come here, and He granted us our desire. But since He cares for us, He comes here again and again trying to show people that this is not our home.

    Since we are spirit souls, we cannot find satisfaction in material things. We eventually get bored of it. So we will be satisfied and blissful only there by being with Krsna. Just like a fish. A fish is comfortable only in water and not land.
  • We are not this body, but transcendental souls which cant be touched by material energy.

    We are just observers in this body, as well as the Lord.

    Only because of illusion one think to be separated from Him, therefore there is no need for lamentation.

    Those who are faithfully  convinced in all that, become liberated and immortal. 

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