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  • Franklin sir I am sorry
    • I want to tell you about my gurudev ji our tradition is of bhagwatam Shradhey Shri Gaurav Krishan Goswami Ji Maharaj was born in a divine family of holy saints, in which, because of intense love and devotion, Shri Banke Bihari Ji had revealed himself in Nidhi Van (Vrindavan), Uttar Pradesh, India.

      This family has two primarily objectives – Studying the divine scripture of Shrimad Bhagavat and Singing the glories of this holy text for the eternal benefit of mankind.

      In the 15th century, in this holy land of Vrindavan, a divine Saint Swami Shri Haridas Ji Maharaj had incarnated. In this family of Swami Ji Maharaj, innumerable divine souls have been born who are experts in the language of Sanskrit and Shrimad Bhagavat Puran. In the same family, Acharya Goswami Shri Mool Bihari Ji Maharaj was born. He was a renowned scholar of Sanskrit language and Shrimad Bhagavat Puran.

      In the same family, the world renowned emerald of Bhagavat Katha, Shredhya Acharya Goswami Shri Mridul Krishan Shastri Ji Maharaj was born. Whenever he through his divine voice and devotion, sings the glories of Shrimad Bhagavat, it seems as if “Dharam” itself has incarnated and standing on its pillars. Because of his divine singing and explaining the text of Shrimad Bhagavat in a simple language, he holds a unique and outstanding place amidst the saints who sing the glories of this Mahapuran. In the lap of such a divine soul (as the father) and mother, Smt. Vandana Goswami Ji, Acharya Shri Gaurav Krishan Shastri Ji Maharaj was born. From the childhood, Shri Gaurav had an intense desire that the holy family tradition of studying Shrimad Bhagavat and singing its glories continues.

      He received his primary education in an English medium and also gained full knowledge of the sanskrit language and got the holy title of Vyakran Acharya. Apart from his learning, he also listened to 108 weekly Bhagavat kathas from his holy Guru and father Pujya Shri Mridul Krishan Shastri Ji Maharaj before sitting on the Vyas Peeth for the first time.

      He began singing the glories of Shrimad Bhagavat in his nectar like voice in the Radha Sneha Bihari temple, Vrindavan. From that time, continuously he has been conducting weekly programs of Shrimad Bhagavat kathas. After listening to his sweet voice, the listeners feel as if his father and holy Sadguru Dev is only singing the glories of Shrimad Bhagavat.

      Because of his having understood the holy text so well, coupled with a melodious voice and good command of language, Shri Gaurav Krishan Goswami Ji Maharaj has created for himself a very unique place in the hearts of all, especially the young generation. In large numbers, the listeners after hearing his divine voice crave for more and more and never feel saturated. He ignites the intense fire for love of Godhead, which has become dormant now days.

      In the midst of reciting the glories of Shrimad Bhagavat, he also sings various Bhajans written by holy saints, his Sadguru and also self written ones which create a magical devotional atmosphere and leave the listeners spell bound.

      Up till now in the divine love of the Yugal Sarkar – Radha Krishana, his many cassettes / CDs of devotional songs, viz., Radhe-Albeli Sarkar, Bolo Radhe Radhe, Sarkar Shyam Ji, etc. have already embedded deep in the hearts of the devotees.

      Inspite of being the one who recites the glories of Shrimad Bhagavat to many, when he is free, he still listens to the glories of Shrimad Bhagavat from his pujya Sadguru ji in a very humble manner. His main aim of life is that in today’s materialistic world, in which the humans have drowned themselves into miseries, lost their paths, the young generation must perform their duties well and also increase their devotion in the divine love of Sadguru Shri Bankebihari and attain the basic aim of human life.

      With the blessings of the divine primeval couple, Shri Radha Krishana, we can very well see his aim being blessed by the eternal couple themselves.
    • I meant you must have heard of gargacharya ji in bhagwatam
      • Abhay,

        You're not the first one to call my Franklin :-)

        I have reviewed your Faith-lines.  Still I say "Welcome to IDT" !

        There are other religious elements which have disturbed our IDT Members over the last few years, you are not one of them. I see the history and validity of your Faith and Tradition.

        Lord Krishna can be approached in so many different ways.

        There are many meadows in the Whirling Lotus of Goloka-vrndavana.

        I'm sure that other seasoned members of IDT will also comment with you over your time with us.  Our members have learned not to argue, but to carry out civil and knowledgeable discussions.

        My only advise to you, and many others who post on the boards, is to give extra time to thought in your responses.  Consider the Culture of ISKCON when you want to inject a beneficial philosophical point from your tradition.  Sometimes we misunderstand a direct tenet, which to you may already seem clear, etc., et.

        It strikes me that you will fit-in just fine.  But remember, we follow Srila Prabhupada and his mood.  That is the meadow that ISKCON is focused upon.

        Settle in Abhay, make yourself at home on IDT.  We will try to properly savour your alternative contributions!

        ys, BHR

    • Rankin sir I belong to swami haridas sampraday which has desended from gargacharya ji you must have heard in bhagwatam swami ji is known as param rasik samrat annat nripati he was a rasik sant of vrindavan he is known to be the incarnation of lalita sakhi of radha rani which is clearly expressed in his padas I belomg to his sampradaya I joined desire tree to help devotees who need help I am really sorry if I crossed my broundaries and broke any rules but I was trying to help
    • I am sorry I accidentally mis spoke your name sir
    • Really sorry please forgive me
      • Jaya Abhay prabhu,

        No need to apologize, but thank you.

        It is my job to watch for other philosophical tangents invading our IDT ISKCON space.

        I try to take into consideration any links, personal profile info., and general discussion form, when I call someone out.  I also realize that there are many language-barrier considerations.

        I know that we all try to respond and recommend what we think is best for those who inquire here on IDT.  But, because I have the "cat-bird's seat"... I have to keep watch over all who come and participate on this Site.

        Really, I am just here to watch and keep the IDT boards within a certain parameter, for the benefit of all. Please do not hesitate to post and reply, I want you to participate.

        Even, I may have misunderstood your intent... I also am not perfect.

        Please enjoy our site and participate.  Just remember, here on IDT we are basic ISKCON, and all of us are growing devotees of Lord Krishna. 

        your servant,

        Bhakta Rankin Fisher, IDT Moderator

  • Chant the name which you wrote on beginning of this post that is shri radhe along with mahamantra if you want to get krishna other wise it is difficult for you to attain him
    • Abhay prabhu,

      We do not teach the radhe-radhe, go to Radharani first and then get Krishna.

      This is the teaching of another splinter of Vaishnavism and does not exist in that mood in ISKCON.

      The word HARE is the vocative call to srimati Radharani, and no other methodology need be applied to the Maha mantra for "better" luck with the Lord.

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