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About God

A Tautological fallacy: IF God is OMNIPOTENT, and ALMIGHTY, then can He/She create a MOUTANIN that HE CANNOT lift? Can He/she? Religion starts with some sort of belief and ultimately gets plunged into BLIND FAITH. I know you must say, this is NOT a question even. Why? OR IF you argue, The Supreme Divine/GOD can create everything. Well, IF that is TRUE, Then Can HE create something or somebody who is MORE POWERFUL than Him? IF He cannot do that, then He is NOT OMNIPOTENT. IF He can do that, then He also is NOT OMNIPOTENT. Instead of discarding or doing sophistry, please give SOLID argument on these.

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  • E-Counselor

    Our job is to give FAITH to people who need it (who doesnt actually) and to tell people who are willing to listen, not to get into some argument to prove who is right and who is wrong.

    God is not the subject of argument - He is beyond our perception, then how can we argue about Him or with Him with our limited brains.

    The answer to your query is - please chant the mahamantra attentively, without fail, everyday, minimum 16 rounds. All the useless chatter that is going on in the brain will gradually quieten, only then you will be able to understand the uselessness of what you have written.

    Ultimately, water finds is own level. No point preaching to the faithless - finally I understand the meaning of the 9th offence to the Holy Name. Thank you prabhu.

    Hari Haribol.

    Jai Srila Prabhupada.

  • in sign up process there is a check box that 'do you accept srila prabhupada's teachings' ? if you ever accepted only one or few teaching of him then your thinking might be not like this. other side - answer is - " god is unlimited ,he doesnt have any limitations but our brain has limitations that's why sometimes one thinks that god has this limit,that limit...'' ! please if you wants to know more about shri krishna then read srila prabhupada's books or only shrimadbhagwat gita is enough !! forgive me for any offences !

    hare krishna !

  • The problem is, our thinking is limited and hence our view of God is stuck between He/She. And with this limited knowledge of ours that is filled to the brim of our brains, which we feel as "I know it all" kind of knowledge, we wish to argue and try to derive some pleasure out of it. But the fact is, people here are not ready for that. We may think that they are not capable or we may not believe in their faith at all. But that's purely our brain perspective. On the other hand, these devotees here are taught to treat everybody as an image of the supreme force. They would just talk to us with utmost respect no matter how we treat them. And they have no reason to argue on this matter since they have already accepted the faith. It is us who are in dilemma whether there is some supreme force or not. So its purely our problem. And if we really want to clarify that from this community, we have to leave behind our fully messed up brains back at home and try to ask them in a way a shishya asks a guru and then listen to what they have to say. We need to switch off that argumentative bulb of ours and go along with these devotees here to find out what they are suggesting. Until then, let us go back to those FB pages on Atheism vs Theism vs Deism and all other isms and find some people like us over there who can provide with that argumentative pleasure. Seriously, we don't belong here. We already won over all these simple and sane devotees with our limited knowledge, sorry, with our "I know how this works" kind of knowledge. Let's have a toast now that our egos are satisfied a level higher.

    No offence meant to anybody.

    Hare Krishna.



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