Hare Krishna....

Please accept my Humble obeisance.... Dandavat to all devotees....

If we still Drink Coffe or Tea... and also still eat fish,egg, onion etc (Not Meat)... can we become lord krishna devotee??? can we chant with japa mantra???? can we goin to temple???

Hare Krishna...

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  • Hare Krishna

    All glories to srila prabhupada.

    I would like to encourage you to try to visit the Temple as often as possible. I believe that the only way become a devotee is to associate with other devotees.

    I am sure that the devotee's will be happy that you visit the temple especially if you are respectful and don't do any of these things while you are at the temple.

    If you are humble and sincere krishna will open the way for you to come back to him.

    I think your question about chanting is the most important and to this I say that you should most definately be chanting as much as you can and on japa beads if you can get them.

    I have personal experience that visiting the devotees at the temple and chanting made very big differences in my life and I have learned that it is often our own mind that is the most dangerous thing because it will always tell us that we are not good enough to go to see the devotees.

    I hope that this answer makes sense and helps a little.

    hare krishna

    Bhakta Francis

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu....

      Please accept my humble obeisance.....

      thanks so much for your kind advised...

      i always chant the holyname, even not using japa beads.

      association with another devotees is what i wanted to do... from that, we can get some more advised and lecture by other devotee....

      i wanted to go to the temple.... and i will do it when i go back home in Bali. nw i still working in a passenger ship in germany,and i know there is 1 temple near by my place here.and last month i already plan to visit the temple.unfortunately my ship not going to that city anymore,because the water level very low.

      but thanks for your answer prabhu.... it,s really help.. and please, i need more advised and lecture..

      hari haribol... hare krishna

      • Volunteer

        Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

        Yes,  Francis Prabhu gave You very powerful advice "association with Devotees".

        And also  Komang Jaya Prabhu, if You work on the ship then whatever pure vegetarian You want to eat first offer that to Krishna. For example, if want to eat egg with bread then at least offer bread to Krishna. You can carry Krishna's picture in Your pocket or in cell and offer.

        And it is very nice that You chant the Holy Names even after chanting in Your beads.

        My father also used to smoke, drink tea, coffee...but  when he started to chant 16 rounds daily in his beads then after gave up all those sinful activities. 

        The Holy Name is very powerful! And pray Krishna to help You to be strong and to be able to control Your senses.

        Srila Prabhupada wanted His followers to be real gentlemen who can control their senses.

        Your servant, 


        • Hare krsna Maral Mataji....

          yes, francis prabhu was right.... what i need is to get along and make association with devotess, who can advise me alot and guide me to Lord Krsna way....

          Mataji, i can say work in the ship is very hard.not only from the influence from the people and also the bad association with some person who doesnt believe in god. I always chant the holyname,even not using japa beads,but i hope lord krishna will always bless me and keep me strong.

          i have alot of lord krishna picture on my cell,and also i put lord krishna picture and a little statue(somebody gave me in a fair) on my desk in my cabin,and i only offer fruit and sometimes flower to lord.

          Mataji... please bless me... cause i know that lord krishna really love his pure devotee... i am sinful.. i need a guide to be strong in krishna conciousness...

          Thank you so much for your advised mataji.... may lord krsna shower his bless to you...

          Hari Haribol...

          Hare krsna....

          Your servant,

          • Volunteer

            Hare Krishna Komang Jaya Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

            In which japa Mala do You chant? Neem beads or ? Or if You do not have beads and bead bags then buy one nice one when You go to the Temple.

            And try to count Your daily rounds. For example, in the beginning You may chant 1 round per day. and after some weeks You can increase Your rounds up to 2-3. 

            Your servant, 


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