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    Hare Krishna Sudheendra Prabhu! i heard it in lectures,

    Honey is Ekadashi product, but we do not know how the bees make it, i mean while collecting nectar they may collect also some particles of grains.


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    Hare Krishna dear Mounika Mataji, please forgive me, i could not reply to You on time, hence Radhashtami is almost past. :-( we celebrated at the Temple, did Abhishek of Sri Sri Radha Krishna with fruit juices, milk, curd, ghee, water, then flower rain, offered more than 56 prepared dishes, listened lecture about Srimati Radharani, and all these activities were by performing Sankirtana yagya of loudly chanting the Holy Names and DANCING!
    Then honoring Prasadam!
    Your servant,
    • By simply saying abt your past time on explained me the my question....I am very much Honoured to you


      Hare krishna...

      Your faithful servant....


  • hare krishna Mathaji ....Iam very pleased for  your answer....thank you soo much...

    i have one more doubt....what is meant by water thilak????

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      Hare Krishna Mataji!

      water tilak is just water on the place of Chandan we apply the water to 12 places in our body.

      it is not visible because of that Devotees who live in Western countries have to apply tilak like that only. (if there are some disturbances)

      For example, in Soviet Union to practice any kind of religion was very strict and people used to put to the jails because of that they practices it very secretly.

      Your servant, maral

      • oh...ok...thank you HAre krishna....!!

        • Hare krishna should be a devotee will worship radha rani tomorrow?can you sugest me....Of all tha things

          what is the most liking work for radha......

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    Hare Krishna dear Mounika Mataji, please accept my humble obeisances!

    All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    In Ekadashi we should not eat grains, beans, honey, beet root.

    But we can eat diary products, nuts, fruits, vegetables, amaranth, buckwheat, (here in India You can find the Varari products especially for fasting days).

    It says that every 11 th white and dark days of Moon month all the sins enter to the grains.

     Those days Moon influences to the liquid, it means that oceans start to flow out, and those changes also affect peoples' minds and physical conditions also. Those days one's senses get very active and they want to enjoy, because of that Devotees use those days fully for the service of Krishna and controlling their senses.

    Just here full information, please read it:

    Your servant, maral

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      I never heard that we can not use honey on ekadasi. Can you please clarify this mataji???

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