Abandoned, a religious thriller

This you might find interesting.  Abandoned is 100% free and complete, simply go to www.cedarpost.com to read.  By May 2010 this book will be available to the public for Blackberry, i-phone, and other smartphone reading.  Again, 100% free and complete.  Please share with friends.  Reviews would be appreciated.  This book only takes an afternoon to read.  Hare Krsna, Rohini-suta dasa [Ronald E. Boutelle]

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  • that was really wonderful.....hare krishna
    • Thank you. The book really turned out great, in several ways. First, there is the intriguing connection between ancient India and Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Experts say it is the largest temple complex in the world. 2000 miles from India. Yet, it was built to honor Lord Vishnu. So here I was able to tell the story of the churning of the ocean of milk, given to us by Srila Prabhupada. In both wall reliefs and actual king-size statues, the ancient builders of Angkor Wat built this story into their temple architect. Then there is the Vietnam War and certain facts concerning many American soldiers who did not make it out of their alive. But one man survived, Nickolas Fotis, who is tracked by the chapters of Abandoned from the tragic ending of the war, abandoned by his country, lost and about to die, rescued by a group of monks from Angkor Wat, who were living in Laos to escape the brutality found in their own country. This, then, sets up a deeply religious dialog between Nick and the Cambodian spiritual master [Suryavarmon]. Still, there is the story, itself, and it is also marching forward to it's conclusion ...it's characters traveling from Vietnam, Laos, back to America, and then to Cambodia, and finally they climb Elephant Mountain. Again, simply visit www.cedarpost.com to read this free book. Hare Krsna, Rohini
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