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This very important discussion is for all those devotees,who celebrate Shri Krishna Janmashtami at their homes... I also celebrate this great day at my home..this time i would like to know how u all observe this day,what all happenings take place from morning till midnight....in detail please reply me(PLEASE DONT COPY ANYTHING FROM ANY WEBSITE,ONLY AUTHENTIC INFORMATION FROM UR HOMES PLEASE....)what are the programs,special rituals,special dishes for prasadam,how u celebrate the next day of Nandotsava? please tell me....

Hare Krishna.....

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  • Of course it is important to clean the room in which you plan to do most of the stuff, this could be done early in the morning to prepare, then of course you could take a shower or bath while chanting, to clean yourself.
    Some of the things I'm going to do to observe at home ;
    -pick some flowers to offer and make a garland for Krishna
    -dance as an offering as well as sing
    - perform a puja 
    - read The Bhagavad Gita 
    - cook and offer the food to Krishna
    - go out and buy a new offering plate or water cup for Him
    I might even buy some kind of clay or even play-doh to form a little Krishna and Radha, this is just a fun creative way to keep your mind on Krishna. 

    this link may help you ;

  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

    Since you have asked how celebrations are held at home, so i would like to share about what I do at home.I start the preparations ( peeling & cutting the vegetables,grinding masalas etc)  in the morning just after finishing my daily rounds of japa. Then finally I start cooking from 11 am. This continues till I finish preparing all the dishes I had planned for ( menu is set 2/3 days in advance) I make usually 56 dishes.Throughout the day, we have kirtans and then evening lectures.The puja room is decorated beautifully with coloured crepe papers 1 day in advance and the alter is decorated with flowers on that day.Then Abhishek of my Ladoo Gopal ( & Gaur Nitai ) After their Abhishek, I make them wear new dresses,then aarti followed by prasadam.

    I keep it very simple Prabhuji.

    Thank You,

    Your Servant,

    Madhav Priya

    Thanking You,

  • Volunteer

    ....FOOD -----usually on Janmashtami day we offer 108 bhogas to the Deities. But cooking starts few days before Janmashtami.

    So many items which won't get spoiled You can cook some days before and keep in clean place.

    ....DRESSES----special dresses for the Deities and decoration of Temple at home would please Krishna.

    Also with different fresh flowers.

    ....KIRTAN---You can invite few Temple Devotees and request them to do whole day Kirtan at Your home.

    ....ABHISHEK ----with different juices.

    ....BHAGAVATAM CLASS ----again You can invite some Brahmacharis or other learned Devotees and request them to give Bhagavatam lecture.

    ....GUESTS ----- also it would be great if You could invite lots of guests and also engage children in performing dramas.

    .....GAMES ----so many logical games for Devotees, maybe question and answers and at the end small gifts. 

    Please dear Devotees, share Your ideas!

    Thank You!

    Your servant, 

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