• Haridasa Thakura and the Prostitute

    She exposed part of her body to his view and sat down at his doorstep. She spoke to him in very sweet words, My dear Thakura, O great preacher, great devotee, you are so beautifully built and your youth is just beginning. What woman could control her mind after seeing you? I am so eager to be united with you. My mind is greedy for this.

    After leaving his home Haridasa Thakura stayed for some time in the forest of Benapola. He constructed a cottage in the forest. Outside the cottage he planted a tulasi plant [a holy plant worshipped by devotees of Krishna] and he would chant the holy name of Krishna 300,000 times daily in front of tulasi. He chanted throughout the entire day and night. For his bodily maintenance he would go to a brahmana’s [priest's] house and beg some food. He was so spiritually pure that all the neighbouring people worshipped him.

    The ruler of that district was Ramacandra Khan, he was envious of devotees of Krishna and therefore a great atheist. Unable to tolerate the respect being offered to Haridasa Thakura he made plans to dishonour him. He could not, however, find any fault in the character of Haridasa Thakura.

    Finally he called all the local prostitutes together and said to them, “There is a devotee named Haridasa Thakura in the forest. All of you devise a way to deviate him from his religious vows.”

    Out of all the prostitutes there was one very attractive young girl and she promised, “I shall attract the mind of Haridasa Thakura within three days.” Ramacandra Khan said, “Very good. I shall send my constable with you and when he sees you with Haridasa Thakura he will immediately arrest him and bring both of you to me.” The prostitute replied, “First let me have union with him once, then the second time I shall take your constable with me to arrest him.”

    That night the prostitute, after dressing herself most attractively, went to the cottage of Haridasa Thakura with great pleasure. When she arrived she bowed down and offered prayers to the tulasi plant, then she went to the door of the cottage and offered obeisances [bowed down before] Haridasa Thakura. .....

    any fallen soul can become a devotee this the movement of sri chaitanya maha prabhu it is meant for fallen devotees like us.

    Haridasa Thakura and the Prostitute
    She exposed her body to his view and said, "You are so beautifully built. What woman could control her mind after seeing you? I want to be united wit…
  • A Pure devotee in iskcon at present possibly might  have been a porn star in one of his previous births. Does it mean Krishna will not accept him. For me it seems Krishna will accept everybody provided they are ready to purify themselves.

    Hare Krishna ,


  • Yes, a little shocking SK prabhu :)

    Here is a story I heard once:

    Shrila Prabhupada was in Mexico.  It was arranged for him to meet "Miss Mexico" beauty contest winner.  It was Miss Mexico's duty to meet dignitaries, etc.

    When the girl met with him, Prabhupada began talk to the girl personally, and about her spiritual well-being.

    The beauty queen was a little shocked, as she wasn't expecting the Swami she was meeting would care so much for her well-being.

    The point was given, when I heard the story.. that Shrila Prabhupada did not see the girl's external condition.  He was only interested in delivering her to Sri Krishna.

    Our Temples are hospitals for the spiritually infirmed.  All are welcome.

  • I imagine that the same four principles apply

  • Why not? We are all fallen souls. No one can judge what is in her heart.
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