A serious problem of non-devotees

Hare Krishna to all Vaishnavas

Srila Prabhupada ki jai.........

In discussion forums I have seen many non-devotees and very neophytes creating a chaotic situation. Since most of the people who are not actually pure by heart could not understand spiritual matters of Krishna Consciousness and hence they fall in dispute with devotees.

In this world the devotees of all categories : uttam adhikari ,madhya adhikari and kanishtha adhikari are present . They all are devotees but they differ in degree of purity in heart.

But here including these devotees many non-devotees, who have thoughts influenced to Mayawad , impersonalism ,voidism  and materialism are also present who creates havoc.

Many previous discussions and their comments shows this problem. People should first understand Krishna Consciousness properly by learning Bhagwad geeta as it is, Srimad Bhagwatam etc and listening audio lectures of Srila Prabhupada or other Sannyasis ,prabhujis or matajis available on this site only.

Shravan kirtana jale karaye sinchan

Unless a person is pure by heart through constant Chanting ,listening he is not eligible to post comment to any of the discussion(he may show his confusions but avoid posting his own views) . We must avoid mental speculation and must follow footsteps of previous acharyas. We must respect devotees and avoid disputing with them. Sometimes their way of representing truth may sound harsh but they actually say words of Shastras.

And devotees should also not lose their temper and must remember :

trinad api sunichena taror eva sahishnuna,

amanina manadena kirtaniya sada harih.

plz forgive if I hurt anyone.

your servant

Ashish Sharma

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  • Volunteer

    Hare Krsna Prabhu. Your post is very true. I am glad you write it. Thank you Prabhu.

  • please inform this to moderators especially men vs women debates which are really annoying
  • Sometimes the non devotees commit blasphemy against the Lord and his devotees.

    They don't even know that they are non devotees owing to their demonic mentality.

    In such a scenario it would be wise to leave there presence.

    Avoid getting into arguments by neither speaking in favor of Krishna consciousness or supporting part or whole of their arguments.

    Prabhupada said that one should not tolerate the blasphemy of Lord Krishna especially his devotees.

    In the eighteenth chapter of Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna says that this confidential knowledge must never be explained to one who is not worthy of it or in other words one who is envious of Krishna.

    There is a demon in my office who came today in the pretext of narrating something mischievous about Krishna. Before he could start I left the scene. I am glad i didn't have to hear whatever nonsense he had to say since he is so full of nonsense all the time.

    It is rightly stressed so many times by the great masters that one must submit only to a bonafide spiritual master or else read only from the authorized scriptures. We are so lucky that Prabhupada has left behind such an amazing collection of books.The spirit of Krishna is in the Books.

    If one is reading Srimad Bhagavatam then he should proceed in sequence from the first Canto to the last and not jump here and there like a monkey!

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