A Question About Malas.

PAMHOAGTSPI was thinking, since Lord Shiva is the Top Most Favorite of Sri Visnu/Krsna, and he prays with Rudraksha mala. Doesn't that mean that Rudraksh should be our mala? I love tulasi devi, but is it offensive to chant Hare Krishna on Rudraksha mala as Maha Shiv did?Forever serving you, the Devotee of Krsna,Shivam

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    Tulasi is a pure devotee of Lord Krishna and is very very very very very dear to Him. SP says, no matter if we do not have anything to offer to Krishna, if we offer him a tulasi leaf, he will be completely satisfied.


    As far as chanting Hara Krishna is concern, the mantra has all the power and not the beads we chant on provided we chant it in the proper mood and feel. But we are not at that leave. we are sadhaka - practicing devotees and it is better we follow what great aacharyas have taught us. Chanting on tualasi beads will help us become more devotional and also helps in chanting better. But we must be careful to no commit any offenses to it and thus it is suggested not to use it until one gets initiated from a spiritual master.


    hare krishna

    • Hare Krishna Sudheendra Prabhuji.

      Thank you for your explanation. I have been using tulasi mala, but I have not been initiated by a Spiritual Master as of yet. Does this mean I should use Rudraksha mala until my Future Spiritual Master blesses my Tulasi mala? Please forgive me if I am asking an offensive question. I am not very much advanced in Spiritual life, and want to be educated properly.

      Always at your service,
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        You can use a neem beads that is available in any of the ISKCON temples instead of Tualasi beads.
        • Are neem beads also as beneficial as the Tulasi mala?
          and what is the origin of the neem beads?
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            Neem is a tree and the beads are made out of its wood. The chanting of holy name is very very important than the beads. No matter what beads we use the effect is same if we chant properly. However, tulasi beads are sacred and very dear to Krishna and also we need to be careful when we are using tulasi beads for chanting. Thus, we are advised not to use tulasi beads until we get initiated.


            Hare Krishna

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