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90% Fear of God and 5% Atheist and 5% Love of God

Hare Krishna,

90% of people choose spiritual path out of fear of what will happen to them in future. There is no pure love or gratitude towards the lord.

There is no detachment as such just they treat lord as protector of their prosperity. I feel all the so called Spiritual paths are snatching our

freedom to live happily in this creation of the lord by showing some references from some books. Take any religion there is some book 

which is considered to be the word of the God. We discard serving humanity and build temples with such a huge money. Krishna lives

as Paramaatma in every heart and we can bring people close to Krishna by serving them instead of building Huge temples. There is a

lot of corruption in every project thus wasting money of the devotees. I know this message will be discarded or removed from the forum.

I request admin to encourage open discussions.






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  • Time wasting question, whoever is having doubt first of all visit any ISKCON Temple at 4:30 and attend full morning program, then you will never ask thi question again in your life, can you chant 16 rounds by sitting on road or by having Parmatma in ur heart! Chant and then write question again! Haribol..........Joking if you are devotee else accept the bitter truth.
  • E-Counselor
    Hare Krsna prabhuji,


    You have mentioned in your post - we can bring people close to Krishna by serving them instead of building Huge temples - can you give one instance where by serving someone, he became a devotee? What is meant by serving someone - taking care of their bodily needs - right? All of us have bodily needs which have to be addressed and which are anyways being addressed. But if there is someone who is addressing the problem or disease called body - then you have objections? Curing a disease is one thing, and ensuring that there is no disease at all is another thing. Which do you think is higher and why?
    Now let me address each of your sentences - 90% of people choose spiritual path out of fear. Wonderful statistics - where did you get it from? Answer is YOUR OWN HEAD. How can you generalize, just because you are not able to accept the philosophy. Each of us are here for a different reason, each reason is unique. Each of us has our own unique relationship with God. YOu are not in a position to understand, so don't generalize.
    Incidentally, it is also said in Sunderkand - bhaya binu hoye na priti.
    Nobody can go to the stage of love of Godhead instantly - typically it starts with fear, then goes to duty and then matures as love. So if 90% have fear of God, atleast they have started on the path, not being doubting Thomases, on the sidelines for years and years.
    There is no pure love or gratitude towards the lord - like I said, it matures as love, in an advanced stage., pure love is manifested. One has to work one's way to that stage.
    There is no detachment as such just they treat lord as protector of their prosperity - yes and no. There are enough instances where loss of property has made people more devoted to the lord. Depends on individual bhaav.
    I feel all the so called Spiritual paths are snatching our freedom to live happily in this creation of the lord by showing some references from some books - spirituality is a path where one enters voluntarily. It just cannot be faked or forced. So where is the question of someone forcibly taking away freedom? It helps us get lasting freedom from miseries of life. If you don't feel so, what is stopping you from going back to the world of deceit, jealousy, treachery and what not? You are free to go there and live there happily to the extent possible.
    What is the service of humanity? Giving them temporary food, clothing, shelter, medical aid - or telling them the purpose of human form of life and encouraging them to utilize this rare opportunity of human birth to do self realization and transcend the world? Is it so difficult to understand this?
    Lot of corruption in every project - how do you know? How many projects are you part of? Even if it is true, how does that stop you from being pure and doing your devotion with utmost sincerity? That means you will first control your external environment, every else around you should be a pure devotee, then only you will think of walking down this path? Wonderful. Best of luck.
    Your servant,
    Radha Rasamayi DD
  • Hare Krishna,
    Aakash Prabhu ji.. Do karma do bhakti don't think of the results. How money is going what is happening what corruptions are taking place..
    How is money getting wasted.. this is not ur concern..
    Lord is watching everything... He is the organizer of all the show. You are mere puppet in the hands of Supreme Lord.
    Who knows what you think as money getting wasted...Is infact money which was black that was earned thru bad getting spend in such a way.
    Consider Yourself Not the doer. Fact is We always think we r the doers.. Becoz of our false ego.
    Do your part of the duty correctly. Thats your responsibility.
    Rest all leave it to God. He knows what to ..
    If you think you feel satisfied serving poor sick people do it.
    There are many ways to please Lord.
    Let us say... an example.
    I am sitting here and i wished to help the poor man who sits daily on the road begging.. But I have no way to help him. I have no money ..But having lots of compassion for that person..
    I can just say to Lord my wish and Lord can arrange persons like you to go and help that beggar indirectly .. Lord knows His ways how to get the help on time from whom that help is coming also.
    During a huge construction of a temple... do you know how many labors got jobs.. ? how many people got work and got paid.. You think only ur going and serving them food for one day will help them?
    Lord is working thru millions of arms my dear.. your one arm is not enough He is just using all of us in various ways to see the required thing to happen.
    Those who are still suffering also are being watched by Lord when time comes he will send some Aakash to help them for sure.
    You are a mere pawn or a puppet in the hands of Lord. The real player of this Chess game is Lord Sri Krishna.. he knows which pawn has to be used at what time..... Just give up this false ego that you are doing something for the needy. It is always He who is doing.
    Hare Krishna.
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