Design Of Vedic Planetarium In Mayapur

Sa Isthita Kamalat VaypiMayapura ParamparaTanmadhye Isthita KrsnaKrsna Bhakti Hari LeelaThe eternal tradition of Mayapur is like a lotus surrounded by water. Inside this Krsna is existing eternally where Krsna Bhakti is eternal sports of LordPURPORT:If we look at the eternal traditional beauty of Mayapur, it is understood that Mayapur is like one lotus with nine petals existing inside the water. Again it is the birth place of Mohaparbhu who is the incarnation of Krsna in this age. Mohaprbahu is golden in color. Thus this planetarium must be golden color or gold plated that will always show the beauty of this golden age. It should be like nine or ten petal lotus. The principle dome should reflect the sunlight or moonlight and should look like pure gold. And the nine or even ten petals, each of them should represent one dwip or one of the 10 incarnations of Krsna. Inside the main dome, it should reflect Krsna's leela Khetras like Vrindavan, Mathura , Dawaraka and Navadwip. Outside 10 petals of the lotus should reflect 10 main incarnations of Krsna. Outside petals must be designed with different architecture representing different countries through out world and the main dome can be designed with western or Indian mixture of architecture that could be unique in design with gold plated outside structure reflecting lights. In the night it should look from sky like one big sun like star surrounded by 10 other smaller stars with different color. Inside each of the structure there should be real theme like Disney. Suppose in Navadwip Dham inside the main building Mohapbahu and His devotees are dancing and singing with real live idols like Disney. Similarly in Vrindavan Dham Krsna is playing flutes surrounded by gopies, cows etc. This kind of design can bring the perfect sense of Krsan's divine sports and spiritual planets. It can be one very good show case of this Golden Avatar of Mohaparbhu to the entire world on His birthplace. The whole structure should be designed such that it can even last 10,000 years.

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