Question: How Are We One with Krishna?

Question: How Are We One with Krishna?You mentioned that we are eternal spirit-souls in quality one with the supreme source of all existence, Krishna or God. However it is also mentioned that Krishna is the energetic, i.e. the source and that we are his marginal energies. How then these two entities be qualitatively the same?Youur servant,Hare KrishnaAnswer: As the Sun and the SunshineThe sunshine is one with the sun planet because it is nothing other than the expanded energy of the sun planet. In a similar way, the living beings and the Supreme Being are one because the living beings are nothing but the expanded energy of the Supreme Being.The difference is that the sun planet is emanating the sunshine. The sun planet is not being emanated by sunshine. Similarly, the Supreme Being is emanating the living beings. He is not an emanation from the living beings.Hari Hari Bol...

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