i want to know what was prabhupada' view on relation of girls n boys without marraige n what if one u get married n your partner in not a kc person what to do in such a condition n that the partner is only interested in physicl relations

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  • pamho,
    srila prabhuapada said:
    relationship with the two is supposed to be friendly but not illicite.If the two are intrsted then they are supposed to be married immediately.we shouldnt just say we are just frendz and think of nonsense.Srila Prabhupada says gal can get married after 16 and guys after 24.
    if your partner is not ksna conscious help him into it.gradually he will elavate nad be self reliazed himself.get him the association of vaishnavas,make him have prasadam that will do.thats the basic step into kc.
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