Wouldn't we fall again? Please help me...

Hare Krishna,Isn't there will be any possibility that if we are go back to Godhead, go back to Krishna and then we AGAIN have the same envious and fall back again to this material world?I asked some authority and get this answer... " Once we did a mistake we will learn from our mistake and we will not repeat it"'I am so confused as a living entity we cant remember our past so wouldn't we do the same mistakes?Please guide me....Hare Krishna

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  • Hare Krishna

    U r correct when a living entity cannot remember his past & is liable to make the same mistakes. But then that applies to a less intelligent man. It almost certainly never applies to an intelligent man who has turned to KC n is wholeheartedly performing devotional service.

    Of course maya can play havoc in anyone's life but the fact is the more our faith in Krishna is increased & we diligently follow His words of wisdom, the less will be stranglehold of maya on us. As Lombardi once said, 'The quality of one's life is directly related to his commitment to excellence'. Translating the same, the most excellent way of life is KC life.

    A wise man learns from his past mistakes & never repeats it and the wisest man is one who has gone back to God-head by accepting Krishna as the supreme goal. If he remains in that pure consciousness (KC) he will never fall-down. The notable point is 'IF HE REMAINS IN PURE KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS'.

    Prabhupada Dasa
    RadhaKrishna Sevak
  • While living materialist life, there are huge numbers of people in our daily lives when we have to please them all. One left behind, there is trouble to follow so one would have to give up desire to please everyone and please Krishna so Krishna guideness is to love those who love God and love those who is away from God because they too need guideness just like us. While living in sansara, bitterness, blame and rest is part of life cycle and everyone have to go through even Srila Prabhupada could not escape such condition while serving Krishna he too had to cross mounts of unknown on his way, yet he got through like a Saint so we as a sansaric human have less mount to cross on our journey but one must be watchful every steep we take. Hare Krishna
  • I myself confused about the subject of Godheads? What exactly Godheads means? Could you please let me know kidly. Hare krishna
  • Dear Shamalah

    A very good question. Actually this question was posed to Srila Prabhupada many years ago and I found his reply very satisfying. He simply replied with the example that once a child touches a hot stove he will never want to touch it again. I thought that was a good way to understand the point that has been very nicely put forward by many of the responses. Srila Prabhupada was also asked if we would remember this material world and he said it would be like remembering a bad dream. So that pretty much gave me a nice understanding of the reality that the soul is definitely not wanting to come back once we return to the spiritual world. \
    Dvibhuja das
    • I am sure soul do come back and in Kaliyuga? Once we born so born our Karma with us and born our deeds alongside from our past life. In this life, Krishna gave us chance to break that cycle of repeatation so leave bad karma is a sign of Godheads and yes once we touch hot plate burn our hands we tend not to do that again.
  • yes you are right, why are you feel about mistakes? why do we do mistake? simple, if the communication had broken between you and Lord krsna, you will do mistakes.So we have to chant Hare krsna Maha Mantra daily.
    • Hare Krishna, Chanting does help and specially if we chant early morning before day light and chant with devotion without breaking the cycle of round. I do feel energy in me and it helps me all day where day goes very peacefully.
    • I also have notice about mistake, when we make the mistake, it is important not to fall in the same situation again because if we do, it is not the mistake but repeated karma. This would give us harm if we do not learn from it. My Mother used to tell me when i was child, if you walk with an alcohol man, everyone would think you could be the one? When you continue to walk with him, it is for sure you are the one. This goes on to the many other bad things around. The meaning would come out same. Sometime people use such situation without your realisation and make you do things where everything is been played before hands just likea Drama so in life it is wiser to realised such activities and avoid falling into the deep hole. Chanting Maha Mantra would make you realised such danger coming to your way so Krishna says to Arjuna be aware of such danger when you are fighting.
  • Hare Krishna,

    U need not worry abt the past. All u need to do is chant the name of the Lord(present) and continue doing that(future). Even if u have had made mistakes in ur past life, the suffering for that will be much less in this life coz of Krishna´s mercy. And with continuous chanting and rememvering the lord, the Lord will protect u and u will not make those mistakes again.
  • Shamalah devi,
    Hare Krishna. When you get back to Lord Krishna, you will have attained a pure state of consciousness first, the pre-requisite for getting out of the entanglement of this material world. You will have reached a level of realization about you, Krishna, and the relationship you two have, and the idea of becoming envious of Krishna is not embraced by you once there. In the Bhagavatam there are planets in this material world where, at a certain time in the span of eternity that this material world is created and destroyed, all the inhabitants are influenced to be happy, peaceful, have powers and opulences naturally, so what to speak of the atmosphere in the spiritual world, where we are naturally influenced to love and serve Krishna. What would be the point of thinking enviously of Krishna up there....it doesn't happen, Shamalah. By the time you get to Krishnaloka, you are transformed back into the pure, sweet, loving, giving, caring spirit that you really are....without a horrible body made of flesh covering your brillance.
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