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The wife of jazz great John Coltrane, a legend in her own right, met Srila Prabhupada and brought the Lord's holy names to the ears of thousands.
WHEN YOU'RE CHANTING the maha-mantra," said the late Alice Coltrane, "your soul responds, because the soul knows these names." The wife of the great jazz saxophonist and composer John Coltrane, she was known among her followers as Turiyasangitananda (which she translated as the Transcendental Lord's highest song of bliss"). She continues: "The soul re

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8065786090?profile=RESIZE_400xAs part of the morning program in the ashram we sing a song to praise Krishna. There are many songs (bhajans) to choose from. We have an arrangement where we change up a select few on a weekly basis.

The following is called “Sri Nama Kirtana” and the translation is like so:

1) Sri Krishna is the beloved son of mother Yasoda. He is the transcendental lover in the land of Vraja, the delight of Gokula, Kana, the life and soul of the gopis. He steals the mind of even Cupid and punishes the serpent K

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7959343665?profile=RESIZE_584xEnglish rendition of the beautiful song Kevalastakam (madhuram madhurebhyo api… harer namaiva kevalam.)

Sweetest among sweet

Most auspicious pathway

Holy Name Alone

No Other Way (1)

In all fourteen worlds

Only reality mainstay

Holy Name Alone

No Other Way (2)

True relation is one

Which can convey

Holy Name Alone

No Other Way (3)

Call out in shelter

Before death us slay

Holy Name Alone

No Other Way (4)

Lord eternally dwells

Where saints sing & pray

Holy Name Alone

No Other Way (5)

Mistaken this j

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