Singing About Krishna by Bhaktimarga Swami

8065786090?profile=RESIZE_400xAs part of the morning program in the ashram we sing a song to praise Krishna. There are many songs (bhajans) to choose from. We have an arrangement where we change up a select few on a weekly basis.

The following is called “Sri Nama Kirtana” and the translation is like so:

1) Sri Krishna is the beloved son of mother Yasoda. He is the transcendental lover in the land of Vraja, the delight of Gokula, Kana, the life and soul of the gopis. He steals the mind of even Cupid and punishes the serpent Kaliya.

2) These pure names of Lord Hari are full of sweet nectarean pastimes. Krishna is the Lord of the 12 forests of Varaja. He is ever youthful and He is the best of lovers. He is always holding a flute to His lips and He is an excellent dresser.

3) Krishna is the protector of the inhabitants of Vraja. He is the destroyer of various demonic dynasties, the tender of Nanada Maharaj’s cows, the giver of pleasure to the cows, land and spiritual senses, the husband of the goddess of fortune, the butter thief and the beautiful cowherd boy of Nanda.

4) Krishna wanders along the banks of the river Yamuna, where he stole the garments of the Gopi‘s (milk maidens). He delights in the mellows of the Rasa dance. He is very merciful. He is the lover and beloved of Radharani. He is the great dancer of Vrindavan, he is the only refuge of Thakura Bhaktivinoda (the author).


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