revolution (2)


By Janananda Gosvami

Hey that’s not what Prabhupada said. You’ve got it the wrong way round. He said ” resolution, then revolution, then dissolution—no solution!

What do you mean revolution? Another ISKCON reform, a changing of the guards, change the structure of the management, get rid of the tyrants at the top, throw out the guru system, bring in the uttama bhagavata, a philosophical revelation. Aha! An unveiling of the hidden mysteries of ISKCON history, the latest solve the problems techniq

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Thank you so much for joining us today so we are back here celebrating Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita and we’re so grateful for your active participation for the past so many weeks and we’re going to continue with deep absorption in reading and listening to these beautiful lectures and presentations by so many wonderful exalted devotees that are helping us develop the mood for this upcoming Gaura Purnima festival.


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