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The Bedford Basin Yacht Club was the perfect venue for the marriage of local Haligonian Marshall Daley (a.k.a Mangalananda) and Ratri Saha (originally from Bangladesh). You have these still waters protected by Halifax harbour’s rock formations. It is a picturesque Maritime place.

The wedding, in Sanskrit it’s called vivaha yajna, attracted family and friends from both sides of the bride and groom. Rituals were performed outside, right next to ocean water, and the meal was inside the club. Anand

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An Ocean In The Midwest


By Zach McDonald and Acyuta-bhava das

A new ocean appeared in a Chicago suburb, and many came to see its unveiling. That ocean is, of course, an ocean of mercy brought upon ISKCON Naperville by the presence of the new Srila Prabhupada murti. An estimated 600 people visited the small temple room to celebrate this momentous occasion on the appearance of Lord Sri Ramachandra, Rama Navami. The impact was immediately felt by those visiting the temple. Dozens of devotees danced in ecstasy, while in t

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A few days ago, there was our annual Ratha Yatra of Lord Jagannath in Panjim, the capital city of Goa. Lord Jagannath rode majestically in His majestic chariot in the most majestic street of Goa. It was a beautiful procession with devotees chanting and dancing enthusiastically for the pleasure of the Lord. Towards the end of the procession, it started to rain very heavily. Most devotees were still continuing to chant and dance undettered by the heavy down pour. But, I chose to shelter myself un
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