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The Holy Names at 125 stations


In observance of 125 years since the birth of Srila Prabhupada on 1st September 1896, devotees from across the South East of England have embarked on an exciting and ambitious adventure: A dedicated team are currently on a ‘chanting marathon’, performing hari namas at 125 train stations and their adjacent areas across the boroughs of the British capital.


By mid October this year they had already graced the Holy Names at every stop along the Northern Line and many along the Jubilee Line!


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By Madhava Smullen 

In the UK, the Hare Krishna Festival team has stayed at home and stopped all their outreach activities since March 23rd due to COVID-19, a hard time for devotees used to distributing the Holy Name.  

From June 1st, however, the UK government has begun to ease restrictions slightly. Up to six people are now allowed to gather in public or private outdoor spaces without wearing masks, as long as they remain two meters (six feet) apart. 

The allowances have spurred the Hare K

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Lord Ram constructed a bridge to Lanka across the Ocean. Lord Ramchandra does not require a bridge to cross over the ocean, he is God, but in order to glorify his followers, good devotees like Hanuman and others including the little squirrel, Lord Ramchandra constructed a bridge to Lanka across the Ocean. Lord Ram gave them a chance, they simply chanted ‘Jai Shri Rama’ and threw stones into the water and the stones started floating, such is the potential of the holy name.

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprab

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Crowds of revelers in Dublin, Ireland enthusiastically joined devotees in dancing and chanting the Holy Name to ring in 2020 this New Year’s Eve.

The exhilarating experience has been a tradition for ISKCON Ireland for over three decades, and is well known to the Dublin public. 

Started by enthusiastic younger devotees in the early days who wanted to bring the maha-mantra to large crowds, it saw record numbers of devotees participate during the late Tribhuvanatha Prabhu’s tenure in Ireland. For

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