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From Back to Godhead

A discussion on the options for the soul under the influence of Krishna’s material energy.

A controversy arose during a Sunday discussion at ISKCON’s Saranagati Village, in British Columbia, Canada. Some devotees quoted a famousBhagavad-gita verse (3.27) where Krishna says, “The spirit soul bewildered by the influence of false ego thinks himself the doer of activities that are in actuality carried out by the three modes of nature [goodness, passion, and ignorance].”

In othe

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How Free Are We? By Navina Syama Dasa

From Back to Godhead

The Vedic contribution to one of the central debates in Western philosophy.

Sam Surya goes to his city’s orphanage one day and makes a large donation. Elsewhere in town, Andy Andhakara robs a bank. What led these two to make such drastically different choices? Was it their own volition, or the force of some other factor? In other words, were their actions predetermined, or did Sam and Andy have free will?

These questions concern one of the pivotal debates in Western philoso

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Becoming Free From The Flaw Of Envy


“The word ‘envy’ is applied in many places and is used in connection to various things – envy of another’s good fortune, being disturbed at seeing the wealth of others, displeasure and jealousy etc. are some of the various examples. Wherever the word ‘matsarya’ (envy) has been explained in the Vaisnava scriptures, it is fully understood that its influence is the competitor of divine love (prema).

dharmah projjhita-kaitavo ‘tra paramo nirmatsaranam satam

“The path described in the Bhagavatam is

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Free will or Destiny by Vraja Vihari das


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The “American Dream” is built on the presumption of free will: If we try hard enough and work smart enough, we can reach our goals. Yet karma and destiny are some of the biggest influences in our life. Now new findings in neuroscience have a lot to say about free will vs. determination.


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By Subroto Dasa

The care for the resident devotees is of foremost importance and to ensure this ISKCON Mayapur has initiated the launch of Free Covid Relief Prasadam service for all the devotees infected by Covid and their family members. Prasadam will be delivered at their doorstep by the volunteer devotees in disposable containers.

In a note released by the Management “Devotees who wish to register for this service will need to send their Covid test report to us via Whatsapp message and they

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