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12328876255?profile=RESIZE_584xIn a ground-breaking initiative to promote and celebrate Vaishnava research and literature, Mandala Publishing and the Bhaktivedanta Research Center (BRC) have collaborated to co-publish “The Vaishnava Studies Series,” a unique endeavour with a multi-dimensional approach aiming to showcase the most recent and impactful research on Vaishnavism. The publishers are thrilled to announce the latest addition to this ongoing series—a 172-page book entitled “Madan Mohan: An Enchanting Saga.”

Released in

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By Gopikā Rādhikā Devī Dāsī and Sundara Gopāla Dāsa  

Over a decade ago, Kolkata, the birthplace of Śrīla Prabhupāda, witnessed the founding of the Bhaktivedanta Research Center (BRC) by H.G. Hari Śauri Prabhu and H.G. Praṇava Prabhu. Inaugurated in 2009 by H.H. Jayapatākā Mahārāja and H.H. Bhakti Cāru Mahārāja, the BRC has since blossomed into a thriving research center and guest house, serving as a significant destination for the global academic and Vaiṣṇava community.

The inspiration to esta

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By Gopikā Rādhikā Devī Dāsī & Sundara Gopāla Dāsa

As an unprecedentedly unique offering to our illustrious Guru-paramparā and the Vaiṣṇava community, the Bhaktivedanta Research Center (BRC) established an endowment in honour of Śrīla Saccidānanda Bhaktivinoda Ṭhākura, at his alma mater—Presidency University, Kolkata, in September 2023.

Over 150 years ago, in 1853, Śrīla Bhaktivinoda Ṭhākura, then known as Kedarnath Dutta, attended Hindu College as a student. This historic institution, founded i

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By Khusboo Basan

The Bhaktivedanta Research Center (BRC) displayed priceless treasures from their library collection at the 52nd Kolkata Rath Yatra festival held June 20-28th. The Kolkata Rath Yatra is a grand chariot festival celebrated in West Bengal, India. The annual event is organized by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) and welcomes thousands annually.

The booth highlighted the important aims of BRC to collect, preserve, exhibit, research, publish, and teach the

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The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, founded in 1997, is a Recognised Independent Centre of the University of Oxford. Impressed by technical expertise and the rich repository of Bhaktivedanta Research Center, OCHS has signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) to create a state-of-the-art showcase and analytic tool for Gaudiya Journals of the 19th and 20th centuries. A mix of computer scientists, mansucriptologists, and humanists spanning multiple institutions have come together to accomplish

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