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  • Dear Darwin devotees, PAMHO, AGTSP, G&G. I am looking for devotee connection in Darwin, Australia, the place I will be visiting in March, 2012. Pls kindly help. Your servant, k.

  • Haribol Surabhi mataji! It's me, Subhadra, I got initiated on Oct 19th by HH Lokanath Swami in Barsana. I'm still living in India, Vallabh Vidynagar. Sarvo and I take care of their Jagannath Deities. It's very nice here. Jaya Jagannath! Hare Krishna.
  • Hare Krsna...PAMHO...AGTSP...

    Sri Sri Radha Pandharinath Ki Jay...
  • Krishna Consciousness is so nice that if one takes part in it in either ways, like hearing, chanting, remembering, worshiping, praying, or even simply by eating prasadam, the transcendental effect will be visible.
  • Hare Krishna
    All Glories to Srila Prabhupada
    I'm fine mtj.
    How about you ?
    Ok... mtj. your clothes in made process..
    please.. waiting
    I would like to talking about when my mother can sent your clothes.
    November mtj ?
    Mtj. if you come please call me.
    0361944320 this my house no.
    081805686967 this is my phone number.
    If you want, please stay in my new house.
  • sorry Vishalini just got onto the site for the first time, seen your note, where do you live on the sunshine coast and what are you up too?
    i unfortunately cannot come down during may to October but maybe thqat will change. i will be in Brisbane during the week off 14th november though.
    yes it would be good to have contact again.
    How are all the children yours and your Husband. Are you a grandparent yet?
    i have three 2 boys and a knew little grand daughter 4 mnths old, three off my children live in Brisbane and two in darwin.
    Love Surabhi
  • Hare Bolo Surabhi Prabhu,
    So great we have some contact. Are you well? What are you doing? If you make it to the Sunshine Coast please let me know. Yadhubara Prabhu is coming the end of August until mid September. He will be on the SC first & Sydney & Mebourne. He would like to interview all SP disciples for the next DVD - any chance you could be available?
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