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  • Hare Krishna prabhu ji,
    PAMHO.Thanks for choosing me as your spiritual friend.

    Jai Sri Jagannath dham.
  • Hare Krishna parbhuji

    add you

    Welcome at my friends.

    ys Girindra dasa, New Gokula, Brazil
  • hare krishna
    thankyou prabhu g for your blessing n i wish your hand always be in my head
    ofcourse i will come in jagannath n contect you
    hare krishna ...........................
  • prabhug
    hare krishna
    with great plesure i have ur blessing on my head .pranhu may i ask any question to you related with lord krishna and life ?
  • prabhuji dandawat pranam pardon me i am may be wrongly addressing you. It was me long desire that the Lord Jaganatha shows His Mercy and give His darshan to ordinary soul like Me. Prabhuji it is so pleasing the main Sewak has give me tatus of being his associate Sooner Lord wishing I shall be in His presence All glories to you Prabhuji. We are from CBD BELAPUR CONGREGATION and our senior devotee gave us his personal expereince on his visit to Jaganath Dham. He has kindled the fire in me and prsbhuji who haveshown methe way Lord Chaitanaya Mahaprabu's Mercy all Gloreis to Jaganatha
  • Volunteer
    Your invitation is very kind and hospitable. Yet, as far as I know, I still won't be allowed in the temple. If I come to visit, will you help me get into the Puri temple for darshan?
  • Hare Krishna Bhabani Prabhu.Thank you very much for your kind request. Jay Jagannath Swami.
  • Jaya! Hare Bol!
    "Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere".
    For your friend request.

    Gandharvika d.d (RDG)
  • hari bol hare krishna
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