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    Hare Krishna dandvats, Prabhuji. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I do hereby wish you all the best in Krishna consciousness, Gauranga, Radhe Radhe, Hari Bol! Hare Krishna.

  • Radhey Radhey,

    I read your profile. So lucky to have visited Vrindavan. I have my thoughts on KC in my blog. Please take the time to read it. I send best wishes to you to increase your devotion in Krishna.

  • it's my pleasure.. hare krishna

  • thank u prabhuji.................i was delighted to have association with u.......hare krishna
  • Hare Krsna Prabhu, thank you very much for adding me as your friend and for your encouragement as I begin this blissful process of bhakti yoga. Hari Bol, Rachel

  • Thankyou Prabhu Ji.

    Hare Krishna !
  • Hk
    I'm best constable via email or phone 00447958464072
    Skype anilsharma235
  • Hare Krishna Rahim.hope to exchange association and knowledge to progress in Bhakti

    Im also trying to get a main contact in UK for BVKS, to get all his Audio recordings

    not sure if you can assists


  • Hare Krsna prabhuji, thank you for your KC friendship. Jaya Radhe! Jay ho
  • Pamho

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji


    Rather I should ask for, what you just mentioned in the message. I beg for the mercy of the Vaisnavas, no matter for how long the devotee is practising Krsna consciousness. 


    Your unworthy servant


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