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  • You are quite welcome, always pray for the mercy of guru and Gauranga, and Lord Nityananda to take the holy names and spread them around wherever you go. Kirtan, Kirtan, and more kirtan, the yuga dharma will always keep you enlivened! Jai Radhe! ys edhani
  • it is very nice that you enjoy chanting with the harmonium. pratice so much that the keys become natural and concentrating on the Holy name becomes the main focus, i know you are allready well aware of this. Hare Krsna, all glories to Srila Prabhupada, all glories to Radhanatha swami ys edhaniyasvabhava das
  • Hare Krsna , How are you ? How are you planning to celebrate Jagarnath Rath Yatra ? :)
  • pranaam priya mataji, how r u? haribol..
  • jai shree radhe radhe
  • Jai Radharani Maa!!
  • Did we meet in NY by any chance? I can't recall... I play the harmonium and sing, too. :)
  • yeah sure :) best of luck you shall do the best in your endeavours
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