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  • hari bol
  • radhe radhe!!!
    thanx for te request!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hare Krsna Prabuji

    Thank for your request for friendship, but how do i accept your request?

  • Hare Krishna...

    Thank you for adding me...

    Avyanga Das
  • yeah i wanted to change a few details but for some reason it wouldn't let me, so i decided to delete my profile and start again, i will update it soon after my exams, hope all is well...hari hari!
  • Dear Gajju ,

    Hare Krishna ,

    Pl tell me where to post blog for donation for cows and post new vrindaban web site also .

    Pl help me

    your servant ,


    Hare Krishna
  • Hare Krsna!
    Dandavat Pranam! jaya Srila prabhupada!

    I wish to bring to the notice of devotees all over the world about This is a matrimonial exclusively for devotees and was
    launched on Gaura Purnima'07. It has grown to more than 795 members and has so far got 10 success stories. Check it out and please forward to devotees you know who wish to get married.

    By the potency of the books of Srila Prabhupada, the Hare Krishna movement is gradually spreading. Most devotees desire to marry, making it imperative that potential marriageable devotee partners be found so that the instruction of Mahaprabhu: asat-sanga-tyaga, ei vaishnava-acara - A Vaishnava should avoid non-devotee association is adhered to. is a humble attempt to develop a medium to find a compatable devotee life partner so that Krishna consciousness thrives in favorable family ambience. :: Vaishnava Matrimonial Bureau
    Largest Vaishnava Matrimonial, Vedic Marriage, Vivaha Yagya, Mitra, Grihastha, Vaishnav, Delhi, Iskcon Marriage Bureau, Pune, Juhu, Mumbai, Bangalor…
  • Haribol! Good job. Make this place a second home for devotees. This should grow into huge community. Good luck!
  • Can u tell me whats your skype id ? mine is gajanandagarwal
  • ok I have to go to the other computer. Skype me in 5 min.

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