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  • hare Rama krishna.:)
  • Thank u r u? what u doing?
  • Ok. My Guru Maharaj is Srila Bhakti Vijnana Goswami. I know your Guru Maharaj. He is a good friend of my Gurudev. I've seen Him just recently on one of the pics of Moscow RY held on 8th june.
    I dont mind writing in English too, just joking. Thanks for obeisances and best wishes. Please accept mine too. Haribol!
  • Haribol Radhika! Nice to meet you here. How are you doing? I like Odessa festivals too, as well as Mayapur. Check my Mayapur and Mumbai photos on I've uploaded 8 new albums just recently. Btw Odessa fest is now in Crimea. You can write in russian if you havent forgotten it yet ;)
    Have a nice day! radhe radhe!
  • Hare Krishna,
    PAMHO, AGTSP! No we havent met before (as far as i know) :-) i've never been to NY. Nice to meet you, its great you play harmonium and sing too, you'll have to send me some of your bhajans :-)

    Ys Priya
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