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  • Hare Krishna!
    Please accept my humble obeisances.
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
    All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga.

    Dear Prabhu ram yagya prabhu and all ISKCON devotee are in touch with us they are preaching as per direction of Srila Guru Dev and Srila Prabhupada

    by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada and Gauranga Mahaprabhu we have successfully celebrated Jaganatha Rath Yatra 2010 in Swami Narayan Temple, Karachi and Hyderabad Pakistan. In Karachi Around 2500+ devotee and people from all over Pakistan came to celebrate the yearly Rath Yatra Program with their families. Please kindly visit below link for Event Picture

    Your Eternal Servant
    Sandeep Kumar
  • Wish u a very happy krishna conscious birthday.... may lord be with u always......
    Plz accept my humble obeisances..

    Hare Krishna
    Ur most unqualified Servent
  • haribol haribol
  • sorry for not replying earlier. I am from Mumbai.
    Venu Krishna das
  • hari....hari....I"m doing good...................radhe.... shyam...................
  • Hari u are also punjabi...kidha praji...twadi punjabi badi changi hai...:-) hehe! and yes ayurveda does work, it comes from krishna himself...he has given us everything in this world to help maintain ourselves...we just have to know how to use it. Ayurveda is also very spiritual. As you are in India, i'm sure you can find out more and get treatment out there for your back problems.
    Happy Ekadasi,
    Ys Priya
  • Hare Krishna Vivek Bindraji,
    Sorry for not replying earlier. I travelled to Nigeria where we celebrated HDG Bhakti tirtha Swami 3rd memorial anniversary. Since my return to Togo, it is now I am able to browse on the net.
    Thanks for your concern.
    I have only some promises from some of our local Indian friends, but they still all belief that ISKCON has to commit some amount otherwise they find it difficult to believe that we are international.
    I approached a god-brother in Nigeria who is very rich to even borrow me some money which I can present to our local donors as ISKCON's contribution.
    He gave no guarrantee but he said perhaps before December he can do something if his finances improve. I must say I have not really started the drive for the collection in earnest. For now I am only praying that Krishna will give me the intelligence with which I can achieve this task in Guru's mission.
    Pls if you have any idea how I can about to raise this fund in the international community, you can kindly advice.
    Varaha das
  • Hare Krishna, sorry i miss understood. Hope all is well, no i am North Indian, although i was born in the UK my origin is Punjabi (my family are Hindu punjabi). I assume you are maharastran? :-)
    Hari Hari!
  • Haribol,
    Thats wonderful that you are organising lectures for maharaj. Yes i will be visiting Mumbai, but am planning to travel all over. I have recently qualified as an Ayurvedic doctor, i will do my internship in south India. I do plan to do Bhakti shastri also....lets see krishna's arrangement as to what happens.

    Take care,
    Ys Priya.
    Hare Krishna
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