icadea commented on ISKCON Desire Tree's blog post Share your book distribution stories
"we prepare and give out free colouring and activity books to children during ratha yatra. The expressions you see on their face on receiving them and asking for more is speechless. You get to see little krishna and radha again and again."
May 15, 2019
icadea commented on Naveen bhaskar's photo
bhagavan has given a wonderful gift to you. they are absolutely beautiful. please post more of your painting. kerala mural paintings surpass any other in the world.
god bless."
May 14, 2019
icadea left a comment on K Visual Artist
"wonderful. thank you all."
May 14, 2019
icadea commented on MALLINATH's blog post should we accept prasadam which is offered to demigods?
"it is said in bhagavatham, there is only 1 and that is narayana(krsna). All that you see in this world are narayana. Even if you take a rock and think of it as narayana, it will become narayana.
As such there is no argument of any sort on this…"
May 14, 2019