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Dead body given to Science

I have a Dilema! I have put in my will that i do not want a funeral, and when i die i want my body to be given to science

Krshna says that we are not the body, we are the soul. so when the soul has left the body, then the body is useless.

so in Hinduis

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Ex Monk

The other day we were having a family discussion about spirituality.

My children are in infancy to KC - they love the Kirtans, Prasadam and association. and slowly getting up the ladder.

A question my daughter asked:

" Why do some Monks leave the Monast

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Bhagavad Gita Chap[ter 3, Verse 14

Really struggling to fully understand 3.14

I have read Prabhupada's purport, again and again and again............. and i an baffled and confused.

What is Prabhupada trying to say here?

In this verse what does Yajna mean - is it the rituals that priests

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Is there a hierarchy of a soul?

If you return back to the Godhead, and in Vaikuntha, are ALL SOULS EQUAL?

or is there a hierarchy? ie a superior soul, inferior soul etc

will there be any difference of the soul?

Another silly question - when the soul is in Vaikuntha - do they eat? do t

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Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva does not get much attention within Iskcon movement, was wondering why?

The Baby Krishna is seen chanting Aum Namah shivaya when fighting the demons.

Sri Rama is seen seen praying to the Shivalinga in Rameshwaran

Sri Krishna asks the Pandavas

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Question and Answers For NEWBIES

Haribol, I am a NEWBIE - have started to read the Bhagavad Gita, and I have some questions, if a devotee can answer thiese.

1) What are the Basics of Krishna Conciousness. 

2) DESIRE - BG mentions a lot about desire and how to avoid it, but without des

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