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  • jai chaitnya mahaprabhu ki
  • oh the pleasure is mine having a nice person as u as my friend...................and yes thanks for the compliments....................hari bol
  • Volunteer
    hare krsna
    HH Bhakti charu swami guru maharaj is well now. He took bhagavatam class the very next day, then He took a seminar of two hours and finally He danced one hour in temple at evening. In this way He is transcendental to all material clutches.
  • ...radhe krishna...
  • Hare Krsna, not even an ant is just a simple ant... It´s good to have you as friend either... Let Govinda bless you... :) best wishes for you, Ur friend & servant. Guille Haribol...
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  • Radhe Radhe,
    Thanks for your comment in my blog "Gita Govinda". aapka comment par kar mazaa aa gaya.

    Take care.
  • Sevak
    thank you
    Hari Bol
  • Sevak
    hare krsna
    Attached Latest PIC HH Bhaktirasamrita Swami Maharaj

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