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It was a moment, mixed with emotions, ecstasy, joy & tears, to welcome HH Jayapataka Swami Maharaja, back at his home, Sri Mayapur dhama. After a year long separation from Sri Mayapur dhama, with loving feelings, both Maharaj and Mayapur devotees were waiting for this day to dawn to see that their beloved spiritual master stepping again at the land of Navadvipa. Right from Krishnanagar, devotees assembled to greet His Holiness with kirtan, in different vehicles, until he reached Mayapur. Children of Bhakti vedanta national school offered a welcome dance, there was kirtan, siren and conches were blowing, haridhavani and ulu dvani, competing with each other, everyone were just wanting to have darshan of Maharaj just as Cakora birds is waiting for a drop of rain.
On his arrival address, He gave an account of his surgery, treatment in chennai, spoke some pastimes from the Krsna Caitanya Book compilation, expressed how glad he was to be back and encouraged the Mayapur vasis to set a nice example of cooperating and serving for the upcoming festival.

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