So many people are suffering for want of a good leader throughout the whole world. (MORNING TALK,APRIL 25, 1977, BOMBAY).

A leader is important for every country. Without the leader, the life of a common man will not improve. We need to work on our leadership skills. We can definitely learn from youtube. We can get a large number of Spiritual leaders of Iskcon and get the guidance of Srila Prabhupada from We will come to know how to spread the Krishna consciousness among the millions of people across the world. Our life will never be the same when we start preaching. Through preaching of Bhagwad Gita, we understand the art of self realization and we help those who seek peace and happiness beyond the materialistic world. You can get many things easily – it can be car, house, and in the same way, we can follow the principles of Krisna consciousness by following the right path of devotion. 

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