sunday feast (2)


By Parasuram das

Devotees coming from Ukraine put their own Sunday Feast together in their ‘New Beginning Cafe’, in the City of London. Today we received £10,000 worth of computer equipment for learning English and establishing initiatives. The cafe helps raise income and acts as a resource centre, thanks to the hard work of Bhaktin Inna. All these devotees have a story to tell, but Srila Prabhupada has come to take the devotees suffering away so they can chant the Holy Name:

It was the beginni

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Make very nice palatable prasadam. We shall spend for that. Why miserly? There is no need of miserly. You are going to earn money by agricultural produce, so how the money will be utilized? It will be utilized for Krsna’s purpose. By prasadam, by chanting, by drama, somehow or other bring them. That is our mission. Congregational chanting. Always festival, and we shall spend for that. Immediately arrange. If there is scarcity of money, I shall pay, but from… Bring them somehow or other. Tomorro

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