mathura (2)


1.) First let us analyze what our relationship is with Vrndavana and then see how we can develop it. Lord Caitanya explained that these are the five most important aspects in devotional service, which if even a little bit performed, can quickly bring one to the stage of love of God.

sadhu-sanga, nama-kirtana, bhagavata-sravana, mathura-vasa, sri-murtira sraddhaya sevana

One should associate with devotees, chant the holy name of the Lord, hear Srimad-Bhagavatam, reside at Mathura and worship the

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eParikrama 2020 Day 22 – Mathura

8206491085?profile=RESIZE_584xIn 2017, His Holiness Kadamba Kanana Swami took us on a boat trip on River Yamuna to Mathura, the birthplace of Krsna in this material world about 5,000 years ago. Check out Maharaja’s full kirtan along with a few photos, on the way to Mathura during Parikrama 2017.

In Chapter 13 of the Nectar of Devotion, it is mentioned about residing in Mathura dhama or Mathura mandala, which refers to the holy dhama of Vrndavana. “So this attainment of transcendental loving devotional service to the Lord is

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