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“I request…that everything in the Temple should be kept nice and clean… We should always remember that Krishna is the purest & similarly only the pure can associate with Him. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

–  Letter to: Nandarani, Krsna Devi, Subala and Uddhava, Delhi, 3 October, 1967

Srila Prabhupada always emphasised the importance of cleanliness, and said that cleanliness is essential for making advancement in spiritual life: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” In Sridhama Mayapur, the

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Indian BJP President JP Nadda offered prayers at the start of his tour of the state of West Bengal. He visited the temple complex on January 19th, 2023 along with other senior BJP party leaders.
In a comment book at the temple, he wrote “Today I am blessed to pay my respect at Chandroday Mayapur the holy place of Swami Srila Prabhupada. This gives me immerse spiritual inspiration which I preserve to serve the people and humanity at large”.

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Sri J.P.Nadda is serving as the president of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) since 20 January 2020. Today, the 19th Jan 2023, he made the pilgrimage to Sri Dham Mayapur to visit ISKCON Chandrodaya Mandir.

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Gaura Purnima 2023 Schedule


The festival of Gaura Purnima is upon us once more, and whether you are physically present or not, we gladly invite you to join us in celebrating! Take advantage of the chance this year to serve Sri Pancha Tattva on Gaura Purnima and receive Gauranga Mahaprabhu’s unending blessings!

Please watch out for the Seva Sponsorship Forms On page!

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By Shyamagopika Devi Dasi

On the 22nd of December 2022, the Sri Narasimha Saligrama Sila, worshipped by Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakur, was officially installed on the Narasimhadeva’s altar in ISKCON Mayapur.

10923661269?profile=RESIZE_584xIn 2018, per the direction of Jayapataka Swami, to restore and establish worship in various Sripats in Gaura Mandala, a team of devotees traveled throughout West Bengal and Orissa, with the guidance of Namahatta director, Sri Gauranga Prem Swami.

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Dear devotees,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
All glories to Sri Mayapur dhama.
The period from the full moon of Shukla Paksha Bhadrapada month (10th Sept) to the new moon day (25th Sep) of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month is called Pitru Paksha.
It is recommended in the sastras that in this period, one should offer Srardha (oblations) to the forefathers. One should also pray 🙏 to the Lord to bestow higher destination to his forefathers. One should al
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Mayapur Clean & Green by Khusboo Basan


The area outside ISKCON Mayapur campus is underdeveloped and has no waste management system. Owing to this, Murari Mohini Devi Dasi has taken up this initiative and started Mayapur- Clean And Green. She supervises groups that clean the streets of Mayapur, collect the garbage, and transport it to the waste and recycling areas.


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First Kartik Sriksetra Parikrama


🎊🌟🍁 ISKCON Mayapur Presents First Ever Kathik Puri Yatra 🍁🌟🎊

We are very happy to formally announce and invite you to the very first ever Kartik Puri Yatra that will take place from 29th-31 Oct 2021. Its a 3 days of pure immersion in Jagannatha consciousness in the auspicious month of Kartik. You will have the opportunity to fully participate in hearing from HH Jayapataka Swami, HH Bhakti Purushottama Swami, Bhakti Vijay Bhagavat Swami, HG Atul Krishna Prabhu and many other senior vaishnavas.


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Hare Krishna dear devotees
Srila Prabhupad ki Jai

jayati jana-nivāso devakī-janma-vādo
yadu-vara-pariṣat svair dorbhir asyann adharmam
sthira-cara-vṛjina-ghnaḥ su-smita-śrī-mukhena
vraja-pura-vanitānāṁ vardhayan kāma-devam

Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa is He who is known as jana-nivāsa, the ultimate resort of all living entities, and who is also known as Devakīnandana or Yaśodā-nandana, the son of Devakī and Yaśodā. He is the guide of the Yadu dynasty, and with His mighty arms He kills everything inauspicious

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Hare Krishna,
Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Finally, the most sort and awaited time of the year Sri Narasimha Caturdashi is here!

kandiya nrsimha-pade magibo kakhana
nirapade navadvipe jugala-bhajana
bhaya bhaya paya yan’ra darsane se hari
prasanna hoibo kabe more daya kari

Weeping, I will be at the lotus-feet of Lord Narasimha for the benediction of worshipping Radha and Krsna in Navadvipa, perfectly safe and free from all difficulties. When will this Lor

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For the worldwide community of devotees who can not attend Shri Gaura Purnima Festival this year due to various reasons, ISKCON Mayapur is pleased to announce the launch of Virtual Shri Gaura Purnima Festival 2021.

Starting on 12th March, they will bring to the community a condensed version of the key events of the festival every day. This 1-hour video will contain the key highlights of that day and this will be exclusively available to registered devotees. 

Under the leadership of Jayapataka S

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From _12th Mar. – 28th Mar._
The most awaited festival of _Shri Gaur Purnima_ is starting on _12th March_ evening in _Shri Dhaam Mayapur_ .
*Don’t miss* any festivities and *relish the complete festival from your home.*
_Kirtan Mela, Nabadweep Mandal Parikrama, Boat festival, Rath Yatra, Shantipur festival_ *and many more festivals* .
To *catch exclusive highlights of the day, daily at 08.00 PM IST* .
*Register NOW at*
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8364521101?profile=RESIZE_584xAuspiciousness is the most sought-after element of human society today given the fact that we are compelled to carry a large baggage of the pandemic. Though the beginning of the end is in sight now . What better way to repose our faith into Spirituality than dedicating our time, energy and emotions in chanting the names of The Lord, while saying good bye to the year which we all would perhaps like to erase from the book of our life.

Scriptures say problem may be material but solution is always s

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New Year Shubharambha


ISKCON Mayapur presents New Year Shubharambha – Auspicious Beginning…

In order to invoke auspiciousness to begin the year 2021 & leaving behind a difficult year 2020 ISKCON Sri Dham Mayapur invites world wide devotees to take part in our  special  New Year’s Shubharambha program, which includes:

•    Special Narasimha Puja
•    Narasimha Homa
•    Feeding the cows
•    Vaishnava Seva
•    Ganga Puja
•    Kirtan

You can all participate in this auspicious beginning by donating only Rs.2000 by whi

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A day to go!

8236680090?profile=RESIZE_584xAfter karthik, it’s time to get ready to visit Sri Kshetra Pui dhama!

ISKCON Mayapur has arranged for a special Virtual Puri Parikrama from 2nd Dec to 5th Dec.

If you are yet to register for Sri Kshetra Puri Parikrama, please DO NOW at

2nd December is the day of Adhivas. It means all of us together will assemble at the Maha Sagar ( sea beach) to take a vow or sankalpa to perform Parikrama. Do not miss to receive the full spiritual credit of

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Krishna, the Supreme Cowherd Boy


suklastami karttike tu
smrta gopastami budhaih
tad-dinad vasudevo ‘bhud
gopah purvam tu vatsapah

“The eighth lunar day of the bright fortnight of the month of Kartik is known by authorities as Gopastami. From that day, Lord Vasudeva served as a cowherd, whereas previously He had tended the calves.”
-Srimad Bhagavatam 10.15.1, translation

Many important pastimes take place on Gopastami. One pastime takes place on this day a few years after Krishna first started tending the cows. On this day, Jat

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Kartik Navadvip Mandal Parikrama

8200983669?profile=RESIZE_710xIt is our great pleasure to announce ISKCON MAYAPUR’s 8th annual Kartik Navadwip Mandal Parikrama, during the most auspicious month of Kartik. Kartik Navadwip Mandal Parikrama 2020 organized by the Mayapur Chandra’s, is a virtual medium by which devotees are taken on parikrama to the nine-islands and various holy places. Here they participate in hearing and chanting about the glories of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and Their associates. The transcendental Sankirtan Movement is an everlasting phenomenon;

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8174498287?profile=RESIZE_584x Mayapur community devotees had a fantastic Govardhan Puja celebration with abhishek, Govardhan lila class, annakut and circumambulation of Giriraj. The  program started with Mangala-Arati at 4:30am, followed by Srimad Bhagavatam class at 7am by HH Bhakti Vighna Vinasa Narasimha Swami.

Darshan-Arati which all devotees were eagerly waiting for took place in no time just after Bhagavatam class at 8am, the Deities were glowing and full of glory as always, smiling shining and pouring out their

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By Madhava Smullen 

The promotional poster for Kripa Kataksha: The Gaze of Grace.

With devotees around the world isolated in their homes due to COVID-19, visiting the sacred holy places of Mayapur or Vrindavan is not currently possible. But an innovative new project promises to bring Mayapur to you – straight into your living room – via an immersive 360 degree Virtual Reality film on Radhastami, August 26th. Entitled Kripa Kataksha: The Gaze of Grace, the film is available by registering a

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