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Good in Sudbury by Bhaktimarga Swami


Not much time to walk today. Driving north consumed a bit of time. Destination, the Caruso Banquet Hall in Sudbury. Our little troupe consisting of Mahadeva, Annapurna, Vallabha Hari, Gabriel, Alec and myself were keen to hit a trail at gorgeous French River. The sky’s spitting rain along with mud and melting snow made it all somewhat restrictive. However, our day, and in particular the night, was fruitful.

The hall was venue to a Festival of India, which was filled up in no time. Advanced tick

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7968334459?profile=RESIZE_400xOn June 21, 1973, in Mayapur, Srila Prabhupada spoke on Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.10.6:

nadhayo vyadhayah klesa
ajata-satrav abhavan
jantunam rajni karhicit

“Due to the king’s having no enemy, the living beings were not at any time disturbed by mental agonies, diseases, or excessive heat or cold.”

Srila Prabhupada explained, “In Maharaja Yudhisthira’s time, the government was responsible to keep people peaceful, without any anxiety. That is government—without any anxiety. And no

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