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Gauranga Gardens is a new department of Iskcon Mayapur which has initially allocated approximately 3 acres for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables by and for the devotees of the community, and as we prove the effectiveness of this noble service to the land and the community, we can make this project last in time and be part of this new life that has just begun!


We are sending you some inspiration from the Gauranga Gardens. Check the latest photos and videos of this wonderful

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Garden Now by Bhaktimarga Swami

One of the best things we can do as a calming task during the pandemic is gardening.  It already has succeeded in being the fastest-growing hobby.  Gardening is a sure way to being positively engaged and the results are, in most cases, very gratifying.  If we have a good reason with favourable weather and apply some TLC (tender loving care) then a harvest can reap great fruits – literally fruits and vegetables, flowers and plants.  You can get very creative and who knows, you might open the doo
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